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  1. With a win over Greenville tonight (very likely), McKinney North will clinch 2nd place in District 13-4A and would face the third seed from 14-4A in the bi-district round.
  2. Listen online at sportsgram.net Thanks.
  3. Try Sportsgram.net's "Sideline to Sideline" show at http://www.meridix.com/everywhere.php?liveid=Sportsgram8
  4. There was a story going around at the time of this game (well, the aftermath), that this "random" search of the QB's car was supposedly in retribution for how the chief of the TISD police force had been "dissed" on the field the week prior. Anyone hear any version of this story?
  5. Yeah. If Texas High only scored 27 on Denison, the Tigers are very much down this season. Denison has absolutely nothing this year.
  6. Final: McKinney North 52, Frisco 49; faces tomorrow's Longview-Waxahachie winner in Region II semis on Friday.
  7. Wow. The play by play guy sounds like he's a CPA or a mortician.
  8. There's something to be said about allowing a limited number of JV players also suit up (and potentially play) for a limited number of varsity games. It's allowed in softball. It also would help in player development. Make it a two- or three-player limit for perhaps a dozen games in team sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer and, perhaps, five games in football.
  9. I head that Lipka may not play football this season in order to concentrate on baseball. And I wouldn't exactly call Reyes "pathetic." You got to look at his track record. He was offensive coordinator in Marshall and then turned around the program at Richardson Pearce.
  10. No, all three are there. For two of them, their hometown is listed as New Boston. I just looked at it today.
  11. I think Paris High accomplished this in 88 or 89 (when Allen Wilson was head FB coach there).
  12. Whoever wins will likely have to face the No. 1 team in the nation. Ouch.
  13. Really not sure how that is "rude," but I don't think anyone can doubt that the best team in a three-game series won. We were just happy (and surprised) to be there. Some people are sooooooo sensitive. Good luck in Austin!
  14. Let me add my congrats, as well. It was a little hard since I grew up near Texarkana and once lived and worked there. I don't think there was any doubt that the best team in a best-of-three series won. Now, go get the gold!
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