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  1. Is there a link to watch? I might have missed it previously but; I don't want to go back through 11 pages to find it. LOL.
  2. He is getting a good one in Worley. Blake has done a lot for the PG boys over the last 13 years & is one heck of a guy. Congrats to him.
  3. Like I said, hard to see from the video. I know one thing is for sure, I wouldn't have wanted to be the ump making that call. Ultimately, teams should take officials out of the equation by winning in spite of some calls. Like I said earlier, you don't ever want one to end that way.
  4. I definitely understand your position. That said, I have seen a lot of these situations (both sides). Ultimately, you don't ever want a game to end that way. You always want it to be in the players hands.
  5. Hard to tell from the video but; it did (to me) look like he interfered with the players ability to make the play. That said, I understand your opinion. To me, that is why the official is out there.
  6. May sound biased & I really don't care. If the runner advancing to 2nd would have stayed down, instead of popping back up, there would have been no call by the umpire (in my opinion). That seems like a pretty clear call to me.
  7. Okay, just looking at the stats and not strength of schedule: PG has outscored opponents 192-41 this year in 25 games. (7.68 per game v. 1.64) 17 of those 41 runs were in the losses. Two games were lost by 2 runs, One game by 1, & the final game by 5. In district, they outscored opponents 80-3. (8 per game v. 0.3) Based upon stats alone, PG hits & pitches very well. Even if the schedule strength isn't great, they have still averaged a 7-8 run differential throughout the season. I would say that is pretty strong.
  8. Both sides of the line are going to be salty. Bringing back the entire D-line and four of five starters on the O-line. Pretty deep on both lines as well, there are 16 returning linemen total that played a lot of snaps last year.
  9. Ok. Here is the deal. You play to win the game. Running up the score is part of it. That said, a good coach knows how to keep it in hand. I coached youngsters in Football, Basketball & Baseball for many years. As a coach, you can definitely tell when you are running it up or having it run up on you. IT is up to the coach to stop it. Once won a game 18-0 in peewee football that could have easily have been 60-0. The other team's offense didn't get a first down the entire game & turned the ball over 5-6 times. We scored on the first three drives with ease.......my solution was
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