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  1. Also when pp had the ball the clock did not start for about 10 seconds the refs has to guess about how much time to take off the clock so it works both ways Go Jackets
  2. Go!! Jackets Go!! I’m ready to hear thunderstruck...
  3. Good game DF EF made some costly mistakes in this one.
  4. No need to fix nothing here stage is already set
  5. IMO: that fumble at the 1 yard line and the pick 6 was two heart breaking plays for Sabine, i know it’s part of the game but if that doesn’t happen we are talking about a tied score going in at halftime DF only scored once in the second half, with that my finial score is EF 34 DF 20
  6. Time to move on to the next game good luck rams on the rest of the season stay safe.
  7. I agree the games that was postponed yesterday could have been Played today I don’t think it’s fair to the kids because they practice all week for it, it’s like us parents we work all week we want our check because we worked for it, like I said earlier we like not had high school football For the 2020 season we finally get the ok and some coaches don’t want to play games because it got canceled the schedule day totally bull stuff look at the 5-A and 6-A they wish they have the opportunity we have and we still blow it smdh
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