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  1. This loss will not knock OU out of contention for the BCS, remember BYU was #20 after all, but one thing is for certain, OU MUST run the table from here on out this season, and I do not see this happening.....UT is the front runner in the Big XII, especially with Bradford out at OU for at least 4 weeks.....Okie State is definitely scary, I think they are my #2 in the Big XII.....Luckily for OU though, they will play Idaho St. next, then Tulsa, then a bye week, before they take on Miami......so, maybe Bradford will be back by then, otherwise OU will have a tough time....It is always tough for a
  2. I agree 5-O, I AM sick at my stomach from looking at that page.....I am a father of 3 and I cannot see how anyone who is a parent could do something so heinous to a child like that.......It just goes to show everyone what kind of sick individuals are out there in this world......
  3. That's actually a really good idea..... :sorcerer:
  4. Way too funny, but sadly, it actually makes sense when you plug in the BCS mindset here, lol..... :thumbsup:
  5. Ouch, is it fair for me to go ahead and call this a roasting, excuse me, a justified roasting?
  6. Hey bleeds. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I saw a reply from you on here, lol.....I totally agree with you on #1, and as for #2, I do realize that we are America, and I do love my country dearly, but I am afraid and I just know deep down that one day we will be no more and it is only a matter of when and how. As for the Bible, trust me, I am a God-loving man, but I have an open mind about things, as I am sure that you have noticed, and lets face it, we could start a whole new thread about the Bible and debate how its origins, although Holy, were passed down by oral tr
  7. I know this guy is no psychic, but lets face it, when it does happen he will be listed as one, and incorrectly labeled so....... every society throughout history that has gained the "pinnacle" of power has at some point broken up. For me, the US breaking up has always been an accepted idea for me and I have never questioned the "IF" aspect of the possibility, but the "WHEN" aspect....I just hope that I am long gone by the time this happens though.......For example, look at ancient Persia, Rome, Sparta, Athens, the Macedonians, Egypt, Mongols under Ghengis Khan, the Mayans, Aztecs, Incans, the
  8. RedCreek, I do agree with you....here is an idea that I thought of to help break a 3 way tie breaker, were it to ever happen again in the North or South of the conference.....instead of just the highest BCS team getting the nod to play for the Big XII trophy in the event of a 3 way tie, have the top 2 BCS rated teams out of the 3 way tie play each other a week before the championship game to determine who has the right to play in the Big XII championship...... :thumbsup:
  9. Hey Cat, I agree we should go with facts.....One fact I have is that my Horns never had the TT game until a brief moment in the 4th quarter, but they lost that one if you recall, and it was a real game that happened too, and I am still sore from that loss. Another fact that is hard to grasp is that OU decimated TT, the team that beat my Horns, rememer, and decimated them by the 1st half alone, I might add, that was also a real game that just took place too......location doesn't mean squat to me, teams lose at home, on the road, or neutral all the time, depending upon how they play and match u
  10. Actually, all horns fans should be hoping that OU and Tech both win this week, lol........If OU loses and Tech wins, then it is the head to head case where TT beat UT, so TT would go to the Big XII Championship.......if all 3 teams win, then it is based on who has the highest BCS score that determines who goes to the Bix XII Championship, which right now is UT......so right about now most Horns fans are really rooting for both those Sooners and the Red Raiders to win this week.......then, UT has to hope that OU doesn't squash Okie St. and leap frog them in the BCS.......and right now for the m
  11. Bleeds, don't worry, I know you don't mean to inflame anything I have said, and as for past disagreements between us, well isn't that what a forum is for, debating and disagreeing??? LOL, anyway, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I myself am a Wal-Mart Store Assistant Manager at Store #781, and I have been with the company for 7 years now, both as an hourly associate and now as an Assistant Manager...... In one of my first posts on this thread I mentioned that not every store is the same, demographically or geographically, and to expand on that, what I mean is that there will be mu
  12. Hey parent, I wanted to touch upon your statement a bit, and yes I have to defend my company on this one, LOL.......the choice of cutting out meat cutters in Wal-Mart was not solely to eliminate the union prescence, that was a part of it, yes, but look at the profit aspect of it, and also the food safety aspect as well......Wal-Mart found a way to pre-package meat with machines instead of humans, which makes alot of financial sense, because you don't have to pay a machine $15 to $30 dollars an hour to cut meat.....lets face it, for the most part, unions, like meat-cutters (butchers), really ar
  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/19/u...w_n_145008.html This kinda falls in line with what Parentofredheads talked about earlier........
  14. Hey bleeds, how are ya? I would have to agree with you on this one......Does this not scare the crud out of you though to think about what would happen if this bill does pass??? I am an assistant store manager for a very large national retailer and the thought of our company slowly becoming unionized in this fashion is quite terrifying to be honest. And were this bill to pass, however, it would not just be our company, but EVERY major company in the nation, including every entity from the commercial and industrial sector, would be vulnerable to becoming unionized......and here is the best p
  15. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27836262/ Is anyone familiar with the Employee Free Choice Act and its possible implications to our national economy if this bill is passed into law??
  16. Bleeds I am no more in love with myself than you or anyone else on here, obviously your hypocrisy knows no bounds, lol......How do I ignore facts exactly, bleeds, when I have been posting facts based on the links I have provided? "I gave facts" Actually, no you didn't, Strawberry gave facts, in the form of concrete evidence; links, you gave us nothing and I know it is hard for you, but you can admit to being wrong on this, it won't kill you to say dude, your right, I did not present any concrete facts, lol.......No my feelings are not hurt, trust me, lol, you can sleep tonight without worrying
  17. God I hope this does not happen.....I have said that I will give Obama my support but with Kerry in the Cabinet that will be a hard task for me....
  18. Yes, in 4 years, lol......hopefully we can all survive until then.....
  19. Excellent information Straw, I applaud you for doing your research, thank you for adding such good information to this debate, this will allow everyone to get a better view of the information presented and make up their own mind as to what is really going on.......although at this point with all of the loops and turns we have all taken on this thread I am lost as to where we have actually gone with this debate......it certainly is not where we started with the original topic that much is for certain.......But once again, thanks for actually presenting something concrete that we all can study..
  20. #1) "So, it's okay for you to attack me?" Never in my post did I attack you personally with insults, common sense will tell you that bleeds, unlike your previous posts to me. #2)"Save your liberal rant fancy-boy. What you said was wrong. I gave instances of why you were wrong. And guess what, you're still wrong." You gave us nothing as to why I was wrong, if I remember correctly, I gave you and everyone on this forum actual links with stories showing not only my points, but both sides of the story showing proof of my stance, you have given us nothing concrete as a matter of fact that
  21. There is still no concrete proof that either side cheated, clutch, that is what I am trying to convey. We have reports in the links that I posted of supposed or alleged abuses by both sides, but the vast majority of those cases were explained away sufficiently if you will actually go in depth and read them......only a few isolated cases have resulted in actual legal inquiries or the request for a legal inquiry into questionable activity......but as I stated earlier, the numbers of supposed fraud incidents is inconsequential to the actual results, and I realize now that for some the reality of
  22. Because like it or not, he is MY president and YOUR president for the next 4 years, and regardless of how I truly feel about the far left, he was voted in fairly and I will support OUR president......
  23. I would have, but I kept finding more great information and I wanted to make sure that everyone got my points medman........ :thumbsup:
  24. Once again, your argument is all wrong......First of all I am a 26 year old college graduate and a married father of 3 who is now an assistant store manager for a major retailer stationed here in Marble Falls, so your "smug, know-it-all college students" argument is blown out of the water.....second, you have resorted to the worst type of fallacy you can incur in any intellectual debate.....you have resorted to attacking your "opponent".....this is usually done when an individual has lost the initiative during a debate and now is left with no other recourse but to attack his/her "opponent" to
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