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  1. Oh hey, isn't that boardwalk or whatever that is located in Rusk supposed to be haunted?????
  2. My fiance and I had an old roomate who is best friends with this girl that has a house between Cisco and Rising Star, this house was built by her great, great grandparents by their own hands when they came over from Germany.........that house is HAUNTED........I went there with an objective mind, but came out a believer......doors opening, windows being pulled up and down, lights turning on and off by themselves, the feeling of being watched, cold chills, those really weird orbs on our video and digital camera's, plus the power kept ebbing on both, as well as our flashlights.......and this gir
  3. Let's see who can guess right......where will Ivan come ashore next?????
  4. Varsity Blue's.......Horrible Texas accents, and a travesty to Texas high school football statewide....sure the action was ok, but they could have done ALOT better......(dang budget restraints)
  5. guys/gals, Yes this place exists....120 miles north/northwest of Las Vegas, NV......it is only the test range for our most advanced weapons....I don't believe that aliens are there though.....case example....F-117 and B-2 Stealth bombers were BOTH 17 years old before even being revealed to the public....if you were to see those funky looking aircraft out there before you knew what they were, wouldn't you scream UFO???? Now if you were to think about those two aircraft being that old and tested for that long, can you just imagine the possibilities of what they have out there now???? I hav
  6. gunman, grassy knoll had the fatal head shot, Oswald was just lucky to even hit them with one shot....the truth may never be known, since those "in the know" have either disappeared or have passed away.......but there is a photo out there that shows a weird shadow on the knoll with a puff of smoke and what appears to be a person holding something like a rifle.....plus there is the old police photos of "Oswald"......two different men, but very similar......a body double???? It is a known fact that Oswald went to the Soviet Union as well as Cuba a while before the assassination took place......
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