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  1. This is the New York Times, so take it for what you think it is worth, lol......The top of page 2 even briefly mentions possible Republican fraud in California....... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/24/us/polit...amp;oref=slogin
  2. geez, one more, I may be done one day......or not......This one concerns Indiana...... http://www.publicintegrity.org/blog/entry/902/
  3. What sounds like voter fraud to you concerning ACORN appears to be ACORN turning in ALL voter registrations, whether fraud or legitimate, as required either by law in each state or by their nationwide policies, IF I read that first blog link correctly.....very interesting reading all around though, but these links allow all of us to see both sides of the story.......
  4. Rottenacorn.com sounds and looks eerily similar to wakeupwalmart.com doesn't it? Well from a certain point of view anyway.......
  5. Who to believe? I guess it is up to each individual......ACORN on Obama's relationship to them.......click on each little question link to see the answers...... http://www.acorn.org/?id=17856
  6. And finally, the voice of ACORN themselves for those who are curious..... http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=17851
  7. To be fair to the argument, here is another link showing the other side of the argument....... http://rottenacorn.com/
  8. http://www.publicintegrity.org/blog/entry/...CFQS7sgodzh0J4A This?
  9. I think he looks more like Dave Chappelle doing one of his comedy skits.....
  10. Maybe you should learn respect for other people's opinions, clutchon, and I am quite sure that Mr. Bleeds is more than capable of speaking for himself and does not need your assistance with any reply that he may have for me.... Now as for your post, I do agree the media has always had blatant support for liberal ideals, even liberals know this, and openly laugh about it.......BUT until we see concrete evidence of voter fraud, lack of proper security controls regarding his donations (as you have stated), I and the people of this country who did actually vote him into office, will see th
  11. Absolutely, to me anyway, claws.......but I cannot answer for others, and neither can you.....that is either the best of reality or the worst of reality, I guess it just depends on whether or not you see the glass as half full or half empty.......
  12. Didn't comedian Chris Rock say something like that earlier this year on one of his recent shows???
  13. Yes Dline, I agree with you.....It goes to show us all that yes we have made a gigantic step as a country, but racism and prejudice are still with us, maybe not as bad as in decades past, for those are wounds that are proving to be tough to heal......but the people have spoken this election year, and I believe that this was a fair election and as a citizen that considers himself having a "middle of the road" political philosophy, I will give Obama my support as our newly elected president. Perhaps this election is a blessing in disguise, perhaps in most cases it will help unify this country p
  14. Bleeds I am going to have to disagree with your statement on this one.....In my opinion I don't feel it is right of anyone to accuse Obama of being behind this incident. Do you have information that Obama personally called these men and told them to be there at that polling station, considering there were thousands of other polling stations of greater significance that they could have been at? Or is there information out there that Obama has close ties to the Black Panther Party? Yes I am appalled by the situation at that polling station but dragging a presidential candidate through t
  15. Lobo you didn't have to explain anything else after posting this line, lol......I've been around here since November of "02 and after I got married and had a son it seems like I am fighting to find some time to actually post on here as well......but it is good to have you back, I remember having more than a few good debates with you in the past and I am sure there will be more.....
  16. Welcome back Lobo, but who exactly would you define as an old timer, lol???
  17. Which I am glad that he did, because someone needed to if the coaches won't do it......I know everyone criticizes TO alot, but he showed the most fire on the Dallas squad yesterday and I wish that more of the other players would do that as well......
  18. I agree Fresh, I expected much more from the Dallas O-line than what I saw in that game, they looked horrible against the Cardinals front seven......to me they literally looked like they were lost out there.....heck I probably could have made it through that O-line and pressured Romo.....
  19. Judging by the video, Kimbo was genuinely stunned in that fight, and it wasn't because of the punches.... invincible aura shattered, maybe??
  20. Missouri goes down, and so does LSU and OU, is it a full moon? What are everyone's predictions for Monday's new top 25 poll??? Who is the new top 10??
  21. Agreed, this was an incredible game for both teams.....neither side should have anything but respectful things to say about the other, this was a hard-fought contest by 2 great college programs and I can only imagine the ratings that this game must have brought in, lol.....
  22. LOL, hopefully if they do run the table it won't be the Fiesta, we have seen what happens when OU has to play there...... :getlost:
  23. I will have to say OU 28, Texas 21..... :rolleyes:
  24. You know Cat, our Texas boys gotta go somewhere to play when the other Texas schools can't hold anymore......besides, the way I see it, OU or Okie State wouldn't even come close to the success they have had in their history if it weren't for Texas athletes.......the way I see it, the state of Oklahoma is merely an extension of the state of Texas with a funny name...... :thumbsup:
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