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  1. Earlier there were several opinions that mentioned neither Texas or OU has shown everyone out there what aces they might have up their sleeve......I have a feeling that the Shootout this year will be full of trick plays and "wrinkles" in both teams' strategies offensively and defensively......in fact, if I do recall hearing correctly, Stoops had all of Norman wondering what the heck was going on when they closed practices to the public this year, as well as even scrimmages......If I am wrong someone correct me please, but I heard this and thought surely they must be working on something big if
  2. Positive loss or not, you just hate for the 'Boys to lose to the Redskins........
  3. I think this weeks upsets showed us all that, but regardless of road or home games, this year in the Big XII, in my opinion, anything is possible.......
  4. Wow, the new Top 10 poll will look interesting this next week........anyone wanna throw out your prediction as to how it will look?????
  5. Isn't this why most hospitals have a Triage room, to catch things like this? I know that I wasn't there and I am not familiar with this hospitals policies and methods of operation, but IF they had a Triage room wouldn't the person who initially saw the victim to determine what level of importance they were have noticed when they did the routine heart check that something was really wrong???? What are some other member's ideas on this? I know the local hospital where I live they check you out first in the Triage room, then send you back into the waiting room until you are called back.
  6. I was at the game but I was in the endzone in section 116 so I never got a good clean look at the hit, to me it just looked like a corner hitting the much bigger tight end down low to get him on the ground, but after watching the video on that link it was pretty bad looking, he is lucky to just have dislocated his kneecap and not completely blown out every ligament......I knew it was bad though when the trainers ran out there and started putting on the compression cast and the cart started moving out to the field to cart him off.......thank goodness he will be given a medical redshirt and not
  7. Well Rohn, unfortunately we are all victims or the lucky recipients of our own DNA......At the time of conception all of our individual and unique features such as height, weight, metabolism, susceptiblity to disease, possible genetic disorders, physical features, etc. etc. were all pre-determined for us.......you are only 16, good news for you is that most males do not stop physically maturing until around the age of 24, so time is still on your side, you more than likely have at least 1 to 3 good growth spurts left before your growth plates "inactivate" themselves........Genetics are a wonde
  8. Go Tarleton STATE!!!!!

  9. I will say 65-3 as my prediction for 2 main reasons: (1) Because I will be there with my wife and it is her first college football game, and (2) I just really wanna see a serious beat down... :thumbsup:
  10. You guys are good.....I knew I missed this forum for a reason...... :happy65: But I am glad to be back.....
  11. Recently I invested in the "P-90X" Workout DVD series, and basically I just set myself up for a full round of torture for about an hour on a daily basis.......pretty much everything in and on my body hurts, and usually in places I was sure couldn't hurt in the first place.....Sure the results are great, but one thing I have noticed is that I always end up cussing out the trainer and creator of the system with at least 15 minutes to go before the end of every workout routine. What I do love about the program though is that it incorporates a full spectrum of workouts designed to maximize your w
  12. Agree with 5-0, and I love the outcome of this incident.....call me cruel if you like, but if only this outcome happened more often perhaps the criminal minds of the world would actually be deterred from commiting such an idiotic act of lawlessness in the first place......
  13. Well its too bad some people must complain, I guess it is human nature after all.......but the days of cheap gas are over......within the next couple of decades if we do not have at least some base energy resources that are considered "clean" or "green" then I do believe that we will be in a world of hurt both nationally and globally.....at the rate that we and China are chugging up oil our "cheap" reserves throughout the world will be exhausted much sooner than anticipated......I for one would rather see more wind and water turbines.......seriously though I do question why some of these compa
  14. ESPN is reporting that LSU head coach Les Miles has dismissed QB Ryan Perrilloux from the team. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3378148
  15. Hey Aggie2008, I was at the game and witnessed the whole thing. However, from an objective stand-point I must say that I do not think all of the beanings were intentional. For reality sake, did you happen to see the counts with each at bat before the beaning? I did, and 2 of the 3 AB's could not have been intentional for sure, and when you have runners in scoring position, with a tight game (at that point) with a 1-2 count and another 2 strike count later in the game with a similar situation, anyone that knows baseball knows you are not looking to deliberately bean an opposing player.
  16. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1415113 Texans lose Regional championship on a Central Oklahoma 3 pointer with 4.3 seconds left.........
  17. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1413727 Texans advance to Regional Finals vs. UCO......
  18. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1408760 Tarleton set to host South Central Regional tournament.......
  19. May of 2005 Wildcat......And thank you for attending such a wonderful college, Go Texans!!!!!
  20. Its been a while since I have been on this website, and I have been behind in my posts, and after reading what InterestedObserver had to say I was fully prepared to deliver my response. However, after I read what lilohme and Etexfan had to say I feel that I really have nothing to reply to Interested, they have spoken for me, and spoken well, so thank you. All I will say is that I am a proud alumni of Tarleton State University, and I enjoy posting the stories about our nationally successful athletic programs. My main regret is that I do not have the time to post about every sport at TS
  21. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1386435
  22. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1393996 TSU outlasts ACU 66-63.
  23. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1393568 TSU still No. 1 in South Central Region Poll...
  24. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1393030 Texans at No. 12 in the nation.
  25. http://www.tarletonsports.com/ViewArticle....;ATCLID=1389163 Texans rebound against TAMUK....
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