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  1. CH chose to get this crew out of the FW chapter. They had one of the best Tyler chapter crews available (guys work a SC game last year), but Rio turned it down.
  2. We are about to find out. The first game wasn’t close. Sometimes this creates a big brother mentality and it works in big brothers favor, because little brother already feels beat before the contest starts. Sometimes little brother catches big brother by surprise. I think there are a few things both teams are preaching to their kids right now. #1 What l happened a few weeks ago doesn’t matter. #2 Don’t think this game is already decided. #3 Expect this to be the toughest game of your high school career to date.
  3. I didn’t misread. I read exactly what you wrote. You put Shead and Jenkins in a class by themselves based on production. I’m certainly looking at everything. Rush Yds, TD’s, Receiving Yds, Impact on team success, etc. Jenkins has around 5000 career yds and 83 TDs. Go look up those others I listed. Jenkins and Shead aren’t the only ones that have ever been productive. Go back further than I did and you will have three times the guys I listed. Go look up Overstreet from Big Sandy back in 1975. Lindale has every right to be excited about finally having a big time baller, but j
  4. Jenkins is a great player and should be celebrated. However, I don’t agree with you. Just because he’s the “greatest” Lindale has ever had, doesn’t mean he’s the most productive back in East Texas history. Just in recent years (the last 20) I can think of these guys below, plus there are probably several more. Adrian Peterson Bryce Beall Cam Haller Cody Glen Jackie Robinson Jamario Thomas Javorskie Lane Jermie Calhoun Justin Johnson Keith Gilliam Kendall Hunter Keontay Ingram Ladarius Anthony LaMichael James Le
  5. If you have it and want to sell it, sell it. If you don’t have it and want to buy it, buy it. If you don’t want to sell it, don’t sell it. If you don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it. If you don’t have it and want it, but don’t want to pay for it and want to complain, complain away. If you have it and don’t want to give it away, but others are complaining about your charges and you want to complain about their complaints, complain away.
  6. This district is so weak. CH dominated Crandall the probable 1 seed, and is staring down the barrel of a winless district run this year. The DOD will sweep these fools.
  7. There’s a really good chance that it will be pouring down rain tonight, which will make it much less likely to throw 7 ints, but more likely to fumble.
  8. 8 turnovers will get you beat by any team in this district especially when your already an underdog. Turnover bugs happen, but sometimes the best thing you can do is make a change. CH will struggle against Carthage, but the attitude of this team has 180ed from last year. They will fight until the end. CH still controls their own playoff destiny. Just win 3 of these last 4 games and you’ll have a seat at the table.
  9. Positives Coker feeling pressure and climbing up in the pocket. Thomas is a real threat on the outside. Moved the ball through the air. Special teams handled the onside kicks/pooch kicks well. PG didn’t get any cheap possessions off CH special teams mistakes. The kids never quit fighting. Negatives Dropped passes. Offsides on PAT block. Containing the edge on sweep/jet plays. Second effort yards allowed (YAC) Short yardage offense and defense
  10. The freshmen are for sure talented, and should get their touches, but there is something to being balanced. In games like this the maturity of a senior can help, especially in crucial game situations. Hopefully the QB continues to get more comfortable at seeing the entire field and not locking in. CH will for sure have to play quick, because time in the pocket will not be on their side against this D-Line. The two RB’s for CH looked impressive last week running very hard, but the PG front 7 is on a different level than Bullard’s. If not for some preventable penalties early on against Bullar
  11. Heard Griffin made the move back to CH. is this true?
  12. Every day I hear more good news. Coach Rio is an answer to prayer. These boy’s lives will be forever impacted by this man and his program.
  13. I’ve seen it first hand several years ago. These kids will thrive once they understand the expectations, buy into the process, and get a little taste of reward.
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