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  1. I don’t understand why folks (typically the child’s parent) think that success at peewee football in a certain position foreshadows how things will be when real football begins. I personally prefer kids to not play peewee for many reasons. One being that it’s not real football. It’s Dad’s doing their best to win a physical game with physically undeveloped kids.
  2. Stankylegg

    28 in a row

    We also ended their home game winning streak thenext season.
  3. Stankylegg

    28 in a row

    Which was ended by the CH bulldogs.
  4. Stankylegg

    District 9-4A (D-1) 2017

    DOD took care of that weak sauce district from down south.
  5. Stankylegg

    #1 Carthage vs Brazosport

    Looks like the exporters depend more on King than the dog do Ingram. If that is the case and Carthage shuts down King. This could get ugly. If the exporters can shutdown Ingram there is still several other threats that can get the ball down the field and in the end zone. Davis shows to have 16 passing TD’s and 6 INT. I expect he will throw at least one interception this week. They are showing Davis and King to have accounted for all their TD’s this season except for 1.
  6. Stankylegg

    #1 Carthage vs Brazosport

    Was the dairy bar around back then? I still love getting their flavor of the day.
  7. Stankylegg

    #1 Carthage vs Brazosport

    I Have family that lived on 322 just outside lake Jackson about a mile past the buffalo camp bayou. worked for daddy Dow and lived there when the company developed the town back in the 40’s for their workers. Lake Jackson is also Where buc-ees is headquartered and where their first store is located. The singer Selena was from Lake Jackson. Dr. Ron Paul still lives down there just down 322 from my families house. Most of the streets are named after plants and they all end in way and there isn’t a one that’s straight.
  8. Stankylegg

    #1 Carthage vs Brazosport

    It is worth noting that Dow Chemical has an enormous plant there. That plant is what built Freeport, lake Jackson, & Clute and what drives the entire economy down there.
  9. Stankylegg

    Who will win 4A DI?

    Also, Navasota would have done well in D2.
  10. Stankylegg

    What’s up with the Refs?

    I wish there was enough participation to run 7 man crews exclusively, especially at the 3A level and up where the ball gets thrown around all over the field.
  11. Stankylegg

    Center (3-7) vs Silsbee (5-4) @ Nac. H.S.

    When CH played Center, I was thoroughly impressed by their backfield. Oldest player was a sophomore. Great future.
  12. Stankylegg

    Center (3-7) vs Silsbee (5-4) @ Nac. H.S.

    Winning 3rd down looks like a big part of this game, based on those stats. To win third down you have to help yourself out on 1st and 2nd. It’s hard to defend 3&1 and it’s hard to convert 3&8.
  13. Stankylegg

    District 9-4A (D-1) 2017

    Great representation by all 4 teams.
  14. Stankylegg

    Henderson vs Navasota

    Gotta limit those big plays that extend drives.