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  1. Beckville is very good. Beat us in all aspects of the game. Maud continually found ways to shoot themselves in the foot but Beckville was definitely better.
  2. Never count out the fighting Bea Arthurs!”
  3. Maud will not lay down like last year. This will be a good back and forth game. Hopefully my Cardinals can put it away in the end.
  4. Probably a little of both. They graduated a pretty good group last year.
  5. As long as it isn’t vulgar or directed at an individual opponent then it shouldn’t be thrown.
  6. Next time you come through stop at the Main Street Cafe. Great food.
  7. Maud beat Hawkins tonight 40-19 to go 1-0. Great game by the cardinal o-line.
  8. Controlled Scrimmage. 1s v 1s maud 1. LK 0 2s v 2s maud 1-0 JV vs LK 1s and 2s mixed. LK 1 Maud 0 1 live quarter and another running clock quarter Maud 16 LK 7 Maud controlled the line of scrimmage all night LK played hard and with heart
  9. That’s actually the prize you win for getting fourth in district 9.
  10. Maud vs Cooper. 1s on 1s it was 1-0 Cooper maud vs Prairieland 1s on 1s it was 2-1 Maud. Maud scored throwing the ball but the O line definitely is much improved from last year. Kids have worked hard and it shows. I feel like we will have a pretty good season.
  11. Maud has 40 out. I just looked at the team pics and counted. By far the most we’ve had out in a long time. ps. We only have 5 seniors and the kids have really bought in. I expect a marked improvement in the Cardinals.
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