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  1. We played them last year in a preseason tournament and I thought they were pretty good.
  2. Maud and Bowie are both improved but Clarksville is still really down compared to normal. They graduated a good group of seniors last year. They seem to have a lot of kids with limited time on varsity, and a lot of young kids. I didn’t think they were poorly coached when I watched them play if that’s what your implying. Also I would say Rivercrest and McLeod have the best teams they’ve had in a while. LK also has a good group of seniors and are playing well.
  3. I have no idea what the second tie breaker is....Great question
  4. If Maud beats Bowie and Detroit beats Cumby it would be a three way tie between Maud, Bowie and Detroit. Detroit beat maud by 6, Bowie beat Detroit by 6 so Maud will need to beat Bowie by 7 or more to get the number 1 seed. Maud vs Bowie is always a dogfight.
  5. Maud is starting to hit their stride. The cardinals are explosive on offense and if they can come with a little grit on defense they will win.
  6. I check Smoaky time to time and it seems the negativity has nearly taken this site over at times. So I wanted to post something positive. Coach Turner has came in and reinvigorated the kids to work hard. The kids have responded well and are really getting after it. I think the results will show on the field in a couple months.
  7. Why Droddy would want to go back to QC isn’t something I can answer. I just think he was good for them.
  8. If QC can get Droddy back that is the route they should take.
  9. Welcome to Maud, Coach Turner. There are some good kids that are coming up. The junior class has some decent linemen and the freshmen class has some good young skill kids.
  10. The “athlete well” has never ran real deep in Maud. The kids will work though. Actually the 7th, 8th and 9th grade groups are pretty good. Maud will be just fine.
  11. I am pretty sure it was 3-1 Maud as far as 1s v 1s go. I do think P-Land scored a few times on the 2s/JV. Maud only has 25 kids so our second team is our young kids. I believe it was 1-0 Maud in the live quarter.
  12. We scrimmaged Beckville last week. They got some good sized athletes. They scored 3 times right out the gate on our 1s in the controlled series. I don’t know how many times they scored on our 2nd/JV. When we played the live half I believe the score was 13-7 them. Beckville will be fine. It just #### that all those good teams are in 1 district and some playoff caliber teams will be sitting at home.
  13. We scrimmaged Prairieland in week 1. They were small and not very fast. I’m pretty sure Dekalb should have plenty to pull out a win.
  14. Does anyone know how Bowie looks so far? Have they had a lot come out? Has the return of Eddy May revitalized the program? What’s the word?
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