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  1. I’m down....when y’all get parking lol
  2. Nac????? Sulphur springs??? Lord
  3. Tomato bowl a top 3 facility in the pines? I gotta see these upgrades.
  4. Lufkin not doing anything. But I’m sure DC will rank us in the top ten. Don’t deserve it though. But I just can’t see it right now....even if we get a top two seed against your district. That Thigh loss was bad for the program. Not trying to take a shot at Thigh either. I know they had a talented group. But we still shouldn’t have lost that game
  5. You’re right....should’ve been Nacogroaches
  6. Yea i think 8 teams at least and two from Region 3 maybe?
  7. It’s going to be strange not playing Longview in the regular season. First time since 05 right?
  8. I hope it’s y’all or Huntsville
  9. I’ve told you about their fans in Lufkin I believe. Very obnoxious and classless. But Other than playing in that 2A stadium years ago. I don’t remember anything happening in Whitehouse. They knew better. They already took several L’s on the field that night. No reason to take more
  10. At least this thread will be entertaining.
  11. Y’all had better games the last few seasons and didn’t do so well.
  12. Doesn’t matter for Lufkin. 4A, 5A or 6A. Not doing anything. I’m Surprised the numbers jumped up so high though. Expected around 2205 or 2210, but of course you always have to consider Hp and their numbers....
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