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  1. We were deep at receiver last year, but i agree he should’ve received more playing time. That’s one position though i think we will always be talented at, similar to Lv with their running backs.
  2. Ok....we have a chance then. Lol As for the pack and their chances, i honestly don’t know. I’m expecting a close one. I picked us as mostly a homer pick and looking at what both teams had returning. And also some of the things i know about the Pack. But definitely wouldn’t be shocked at Legacy winning, Just not expecting that 55 to whatever score someone predicted earlier in this thread. Don’t think we are that bad this season. But i honestly don’t know. Not going to lie and say I feel confident in this Panther team. Because i don’t. Although i knew when Polk got injured, we d
  3. Kinda shocked by the prediction. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final score on this one, considering NC is in our district. Most people are down on New Caney this season for some reason. I guess with the Qb gone. But they bring back a lot of guys on defense that was very good last season. That program still has a lot of talent in it from what I’ve heard and read online. I think they still could be a darkhorse for the district crown and region, if they play well and come out with the victory in this one. I like Marshall but not sure why so many people are down on NC and picking a
  4. Early 2000s Owens teams? Or those others? I guess we will see Friday.. At least you gave a shoutout to my other team lol.
  5. This game could go either way. So....6 points imo isn’t that bad. Still a close game. Not sure we should be the favorites either, but you don’t really know what to expect from any team this season. We don’t know how good legacy will be. They bring a ton of talent back, Mostly on offense, but they haven’t been a consistent program, even with Mike Owens as the HC and they bring back a new coach this season. Also we don’t know much about them this season....considering they had a intrasquad scrimmage and wasn’t able to go against Nac, other than what’s on paper of course about the returning playe
  6. I’m shocked JT fans or TH fans.....whatever are being honest about the team this season and agreeing with Anti lol. Then again who knows? The lions may surprise y’all. I watched both scrimmages. I’m expecting Texas high to win, but i still saw enough talent and speed on the lions team to give a team problems if they don’t come in this one focused. It’s definitely not the same talent level from past teams, but it’s clearly still some on the roster. Enough to give Texas high problems IMO. Plus....It was a scrimmage and we’ve all had a long year. Just saying Tyler high winning or keeping it close
  7. We did it a few times over the years. Some of it was against Lv over the years....mostly in that 2014 game that shocked me. I know we mixed it up a lot last year with the spread. I was shocked we used a TE a lot last season (mostly when Polk got injured if i remember correctly). I was proud of bubble screen Green. Polk getting hurt is what really hurt the offense and our team late last season. As for last night though, i heard we abandoned the spread at one point and just ran those plays out of the I formation. I hope we continue to run multiple formations. It’s clear you can’t be as
  8. https://lufkindailynews.com/coronavirus/article_7af19214-f9de-11ea-95ab-cb62c7bf9f7f.html#utm_source=lufkindailynews.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Flists%2Fbreaking%2F%3F-dc%3D1600455169&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline
  9. Our paper said it’s a Nac player that tested positive.
  10. Yea I’m expecting it to be close...if it’s even a game. Definitely not 55-17. But heck who knows anymore? Both teams have the talent on offense to score a lot of points and with turnovers....i guess it could get ugly for either team.
  11. They stay in their feelings about something. Mostly stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with them. But run on here calling others “snowflakes”. So sensitive..
  12. Yep, I’m Just hoping for a good game. This has been a crazy offseason and I honestly don’t know what to expect from either side in this game. Not even sure we will have a game after the news in diboll. Our kids hang with their kids for workouts and etc.
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