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  1. it's being said he's invigorated and plans to go another 5 years...which seems nuts!!!
  2. I think it would be hard to speak carefully and easily right now, because there's no way he could "know" his "material"...The University of Texas. That's when you can talk without notes, when you're pitching material you know backwards & forwards.
  3. I love the creativity...like the constant movement, quick back and forth and back (the 2 short TD catches for Smith) and trying to move and overload the defense on every play letting the QB make the immediate natural play off that overload. I would hope it comes and the players pick it up well and it rolls.
  4. I'm gonna say this again as a former head college coach in a different sport for a long time that has been through it...but we all have seen it as fans too...these hugely heralded players come in and once away from mom/dad/granny/pawpaw/the strict HS mentors or coach/youth pastor and get around some loose curfews / freer flowing booze / maybe some kind of substance sneaks in as well...then the workout regimen might wain a bit. They are "working hard" but in relation to some others that are really hungry and are grinding for the opportunity and have "a chip on their shoulder" --> they get a
  5. that would be my thought too...when no SEC offers roll in...reality sets in and he talks to Jeff some
  6. I was not impressed with the Miss State defense geez...seriously, aside from being a young guy that got an SEC DC job with a team that ONLY cares about offense. I would think Ash would be kept and/or they would go after Lupoi hard because of the abilities he also brings on the recruiting side of things. I would really also look to go back at Barry Odom and figure out a deal.
  7. yes, I see it being much more of a real offense. what I am disappointed about is that Tom portrayed his offense as a POWER SPREAD which I took as a combination of being able to spread it out and throw quickly and and nearly create big gaps in the line by spreading it out where then with the great talent and speed Texas would present it would give him such options he never had at Houston. thinking Tech on steroids.
  8. I hate to say with my teams...in building...if my players/recruits didn't have some type chip on their shoulder towards my main 2-3 competitors from the start...it wasn't nearly as good. I was going to to recruit those kids a lot harder because I knew their makeup would give them a bigger upside for team success!!!
  9. and that's what's difficult...it starts from the beginning as you build your team...you have to build it with a chip on it's shoulder (find a reason...make up a reason (I used to)...find kids with a grudge/chip/extra reason to work hard - to exceed) and build every second frothing to prove something!!!
  10. for someone as arrogant as he was, you'd have thought he would have blown teams doors off and cared nothing about it...old Barry Switzer or Jeff Traylor attitude...GONNA HANG HALF A 'HUNNERD ON UM BY HALFTIME...
  11. come on... Ingram would have been the guy - no doubt had he been able to stay healthy! now that being said...Herman had the retarded issue of only running people 15 or so times times a game and never understood to ride a horse when they were hot (see Bijan these last 3 - 4 games, when he should have had 30 carries a game and upwards of 350+ a week)!!!
  12. well almost no competition except the starter this year and one of the Heisman frontrunners Mac Jones
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