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  1. CoachPelvisPresley

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    it was pretty sweet to watch down in Orlando...great comeback after putting themselves in a big hole losing the doubles point. Wake Forest top 2 players were the Individual National Champion and National Runner-up last year and they have been rock solid this year, both doing really well in lower level pro tournaments.
  2. CoachPelvisPresley

    Fingers quadruple crossed for Mavs, draft lottery...

    yep, they did pretty well with the Paul George situation. I mean, I would prefer to have a different star from Westbrook if I was OKC, but that's me. he's a selfish psychopath that accepts no blame on himself unless he has been greased with crisco and it means nothing (seasons over & who freakin' cares - he says it whispering turning his head, not really meaning it...where he or his people could just say he owns all the blame - yeah right).
  3. CoachPelvisPresley

    Fingers quadruple crossed for Mavs, draft lottery...

    did you see that oh #### look on Zion's face when the Pelicans won that lottery? oh some high humor. uh guh...as a Mavs fan...could it ever give us a break?
  4. CoachPelvisPresley

    Matthew Boiling

    he's only been running the 100m since this March? holy mackerel ---> well, yeah...uh there isn't much else to say...special for sure! good luck to you son!!!
  5. CoachPelvisPresley

    Winona looking for Basketball Coach...

    I'll just leave this alone...
  6. CoachPelvisPresley

    Winona looking for Basketball Coach...

    I was kinda thinking that... would have had someone from the English department look it over, so we looked 1/2 way professional.
  7. CoachPelvisPresley

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    A few groups have King going to the USC Trojans...and he was mentioned by name on an ESPN College Recruiting Show the other day as the top QB recruits in the nation. same thought on signing...
  8. CoachPelvisPresley

    Matthew Boiling

    🤣 he should have just joined the other super fast dude and signed w/ the Horns
  9. well, it's draft lottery time and the Mavs have a TINY mcpuny chance to get the #1 pick and Zion. the main thing of importance though is that the Mavs luck out and get a top 4 pick, so they don't lose their pick to Atlanta. other thoughts for the NBA of late: ~ wondering with the way things are now with the NBA D League, why they aren't expanding to 3 rounds (and maybe allowing teams to select a 4th round pick every 5th year, on a rotation - that would add something) - this would give teams some real depth to do through for D League teams and their lineup would get better...give more college players a shot (they would still need to come up w/ a rule to mandate a age with NCAA players). ~ any thoughts on draft lottery? ~ the crazy Porzingis junk (him getting beaten up in that club, for supposedly "leaving the Knicks").
  10. CoachPelvisPresley

    Sooners 2019 Thread

    after the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan fiasco... they keep catching him with ski masks and pipes
  11. CoachPelvisPresley

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    I had heard Charlie Strong was in College Station interviewing for the Aggies AD's position...
  12. CoachPelvisPresley

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    so, in my example and thought process. Team schedules would come out within the next two to three weeks following the NCAA National Championship...not 20 years in advance.
  13. CoachPelvisPresley

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I find it interesting that they are getting these schedules out soooo far. I really believe soon, by the time the TV & current playoff contract ends (and things expand, and it will expand to at least 8 teams) that there will be an overall NCAA commissioner that will create underlings such as a scheduling underling. They will schedule everyone based upon whatever criteria the NCAA comes to by then...everyone plays 9 games against schools in your "bracket" - Power 5 / Group of 5, etc...the other 3 to 4 will be in the other group or whatever you decide for $$$ / fan / tradition reasons. Edit: I was actually going to say the schools may get about 1 game they can lobby for as one of those smaller games, $$$ games, etc a year, but the others would be set for them. The other 2 to 3 games would be picked by "the scheduling group" based upon, (1 game) regional game against another conference's team -if possible- where your last year's positioning in conference was about equal, (2 games of) out of your regional footprint game against another conference's team where again your last year's positioning was about equal. I personally think this would make college football a much more competitive environment...you're either trying or dying (a good philosophy for team to push with). May cause a bunch of contract changes then.
  14. CoachPelvisPresley

    Random Art Briles thought...

    Yes, if we use this philosophy in life then we all are guilty until we can prove ourselves innocent in every aspect of our lives. Think how miserable that would be? With your spouse/loved one, parent, child, boss, police officer/legal system. Lot's of times, it feels like that's the way it is now, but it's not supposed to be this way. We're "convicted" by opinion/bias and internet/town gossip...and once that turns on you and you're on the front page with the negative news, where if you are ever exonerated, found innocent, or apologized to over an accusation that will be back page news or unreportable/reported (it's not exciting).
  15. CoachPelvisPresley

    Random Art Briles thought...

    he probably would have signed that he was actually David Koresh too, if pressured by Wacko law enforcement enough...with the threat that Kendal Briles was going to be held in some way responsible going forward. actually haven't solved the zodiac killer...Waco PD could close all at once