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  1. should be the HC probably but no to both...Associate Head Coach/Running Backs Coach
  2. true...would love to think the Horns would add him, but I think when you add him then Jordan has to be part of the situation as a paid analyst (operations person)...course he may go his own way at this point now...should have enough experience and be looking to take a coaching gig somewhere (Jordan may be doing something with the Saints right now in some capacity instead of the Hogs, but it's hard to tell).
  3. with Wisconsin's result against Illinois...Illinois's rushing defense shut down Wisconsin I'll be surprised if it doesn't go to 14.5 by game time
  4. Here's the thing if we were playing SMU in a bowl game, we'd have a long break where guys would get healthy...and coaches would be spending a long time to game plan every aspect of SMU backwards and forwards. There would not be anything like if they played right now...with Boo licking his chops and his main receivers eating up the backup DB's and safeties. I grew up going to tons of the Pony Express games at Texas Stadium, loving them and am glad to have them doing great BUT Texas would hammer them in a bowl probably by 31 (around 51-20) unless Herman called off the dogs early and SMU made a late run of TD's in the 4th on backups...then it'd look a lot closer than it should like a 51-41 shootout.
  5. yes, but the DC (as the defense's head coach) should know his VERY BEST personnel for those schemes that are quickly coming...where as the HC/OC type would start getting pretty muddled down handling/knowing everything/everybody backwards & forwards. as the HC, you'll know things very well where you could take over in an emergency and it should run fine, but at that "big a show" you have to be able to trust SOMEBODY else to help you some to keep your jobs and improve the team and keep going towards your team goals.
  6. Exactly...I know if I'm the offensive genius that "put it all together" and it's on my neck if we lose as head coach...I'm making all the calls!!!
  7. best WR's... Surratt & Washington from Wake Forest Jefferson & Chase from LSU Proche from SMU Wallace from Okie Lite Lamb from Okie Smith from Bama Higgins from Clemson Hodgins from Oregon State personally Sage Surratt has been the best WR in college football this year and has actually made the Demon Deacons watchable football --> will destroy the Seminoles this weekend!!! 6'3" -- only a SO, would love to see the Cowboys snag a dude like him at some point...of course I always loved the WR Iowa State had the last couple years (huge guy - reminded me of Randy Moss) and would have liked to have seen Dallas grab him...oh well.
  8. but that is ALL they have, and if the Adidas junk continues it may deter a little...literally no other thing...maybe women's tennis now, but that's totally not revenue (a minus revenue sport) or something that pushes ANY decision
  9. I would have mentioned them too for that natural Big 8, Oklahoma rivalry but I knew there was "too much ugly" to ever come back. plus it always looked to me that the Big 10 totally set it that division up for Nebraska as a gimme if they ever get their junk straight again
  10. I must be honest, I personally hate having Kansas, Kansas State, and West Virginia --> for whatever weird reason I like Iowa State, but the sake of normalcy I'd be glad to cut them loose. In a perfect Big 12 world, we'd keep K-State & Iowa State, add Arizona, Arizona State somehow, add Arkansas, and I'd be favor of bringing one of UCF, BYU, or Houston...UCF would probably be that long term good add as they are on the rise in all sports as that university continues to grow tremendously in size.
  11. my thing is...Fox Sports seems to have created channels for each of the teams now...OU and Ok State may be a bit combined, Kansas & Kansas State may be the same - I haven't paid close attention as I blow through those channels but if they split or if there was a Big 12 Network alongside a Longhorn Network...where both could be winners in some way. possibly agreeing to allow the Big 12 Network to show Longhorn stuff later, or something...I'm sure they could get in a room and hammer something out. it doesn't seem that dang hard. I've sat in on these athletics negotiations for facilities and media events and Lord...if they want it to happen, it could be done quick. as for A&M...I don't see them coming back even if it's best scenario in the world winning long range for them. they hate competing head to head for whatever reason --> even though the sniping at each other is nearly just as bad or worse, like feuding hillbillies saying "one day, one day..." (both groups Texas & Texas A&M).
  12. the Earl is a good one...now that wasn't too bad for the Horns. a mix with what Alabama does...would rather see Bama have the numbers above their curly q "A"...and the shamrock or ND on Notre Dame's and when the Mean Green were mean... sorry I took this to tangent level...
  13. I'm all about the throwbacks...wish more teams would go to the throwback full time for their helmet logo, but this Horns logo is bad. I think more of the schools don't realize that they had a great logo in the past and have screwed theirs up by trying in vain to "modernize it". Now, to be a crazy contradiction to myself...I'd love to see Texas pull out a different new look sometime...just not this "150" one. I love the reason, hate the logo.
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