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  1. I was hoping we would cut Dickson's cousin last year and go get a new punter...he's the worst I've seen in years...ANYWHERE!!!
  2. they've only had 1 game (opening game) with a blowout score really...nothing else was anything to write home about. why is there a post about this...averaging barely more than 40 a game. Gilmer averages about 45-46 and has lost Pleasant Grove averages 41-42 and has lost and that was just some quick glancing...
  3. what school bought the fancy Trans Am for Eric Dickerson...and yet he didn't end up going there ??? rumor has it he didn't like the maroon patches on the overalls that were left in the car for him.
  4. Texas High is an open enrollment school, so you can live anywhere and transfer to go there...with Texarkana's "blurred lines" anything goes
  5. forget sprinklers...heck they had the firetrucks out emptying their hoses full force on the field... which reminds me a lot of this movie...
  6. the people I would think Texas would go after would be: Urban Meyer (does he want to come out the booth) Hugh Freeze (Liberty playing good will be his reintroduction to the big time) Matt Campbell (Iowa State) Chris Klieman (Kansas State...will they be able to hang on, even with a new contract?) Blake Anderson (Arkansas State) Eli Drinkowitz (Missouri...is he gonna want to stay there?) Joe Brady (is he ready now now after a year as the OC with the Panthers) Art Briles (has it been long enough...will it ever be long enough...ok, maybe Kendall)
  7. I don't think he could schmooze the big time wheeler dealer donor folks that being the Horn's coach/TV personality requires
  8. needed another couple weeks to get third digit put on scoreboard on both sides
  9. I think that despite the creativity that we were led to believe that Herman would have here at Texas, he has come in and his play calling is stale and easy, easy for defenses to predict and sit on. He's not using the talents that he has there in the appropriate ways. I think as a coach, sometimes it's hardest to go away from your norm and comfort zone to actually openly and wisely look at your talent base and say I need to be bold and use the skill sets in this manner rather than my norm...otherwise you can cost yourself and your team because of being bull-headed and if you want to say it, "du
  10. well he is also the star of Gilmer's bowling team...so what did everyone expect?!?!
  11. I'm actually thinking Kansas State may be the team that may be too tough for everyone now...sad thing is they played that clunker game to start the season and they could possibly run the table crazily in the Big 12. Oklahoma State maybe if Sanders gets back and is healthy.
  12. might have a better bet in taking that wild shot with a Jeff Traylor on the rise there at UTSA and let him recruit and take down giants
  13. I would probably sell the Horn's soul to bring in Urban for 10 years...of course if you got 7 to 10 years...you may have a couple new titles then have to wash the place down unfortunately. Gus...no...doesn't have enough to his whole coaching thing...he has been up and WAY down down inconsistent at Auburn.
  14. I heard 27...Gilmer just punched another one in and is setting up for the fake PAT...to go up 29
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