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  1. crack up!!! sounds like something my first wife might would've said...
  2. honestly, like at most schools...I would think whether just for courteousness or not, all board members would be invited to all the events like this...period.
  3. Were you meaning up & coming coaches? I don't think a spot like Allen HS would have been hiring a young up & coming coach. They would go for a proven winner that could handle the pressure & expectations of the giant fanbase.
  4. SMU coach = Sonny Dykes...former Texas Tech coach, Spike Dykes son
  5. yep, they're talking it up on The Horn...that it's about that he can recruit easier to Austin from the major areas...that he won't have to "just get lucky" to get a stud.
  6. I'm looking at his history with a .712 winning % and a now history of winning in the tournament compared to Shaka (a lower %) and really he had a limited amount of success at one school (VCU). Shaka would run up wins against lesser competition and if you look, he was winning 1 tournament game for a few years (except for the final four run)...besides that he was losing first round at VCU, just like at Texas. I think we got just what we bought...he was a small school and was out of his league. Beard has been an extreme winner/builder everywhere he's gone (and knows how to use the transfer
  7. you think he'll run back to Oklahoma? on The Horn all afternoon they've been freaking out that CDC and Beard are already hammering something out...Ivey may be coming too as some type of an high tone assistant that would handle a ton of recruiting.
  8. Praises!!! The joker is gone (on to Marquette), we can now work towards something positive for the future of Texas Longhorn basketball.
  9. They just broke the news that Shaka Smart is leaving Texas for Marquette...avoiding the rough scrutiny he's facing right now. Hopefully Texas will start making a move on Sampson or another top coach!
  10. can buy a whole trailer park w/ that $$$$ that's lifetime income...
  11. if they are still in a district with Gilmer and/or Pleasant Grove wow, that limb would feel more like a twig with a gorilla on it!!!
  12. Plano East 5445.5 - Plano West 5579.5 - Plano 4999
  13. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2020/08/10/these-are-the-top-10-largest-and-smallest-6a-texas-high-schools?ref=article_preview_title this is just one place to check that Allen HS has the most, checking in at 6959 average students. it's called the internet bro...amazing what you can find.
  14. current buyout is $7.1 million for Shaka...so we shall see if that will play into him getting a COVID/BIG12 Title break...
  15. I agree, I don't see Musselman leaving Arkansas now that he has it rolling. It'll be fairly easy to recruit there now that it's going in a positive direction for him and Arky in the SEC. He is on a great path, Texas should have made that move before Arky hired him! Beard would be a good hire, but I kinda agree that I struggle to think he'd leave Tech. He is a huge deal there. He knows enough about UT to know that he'd be under a GIGANTIC microscope here...win and it was expected...lose and he was that overrated guy that was over his head. With guys like Beard, they have built a reputation
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