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  1. before this last year or five, I wouldn't have ever thought it said "we're gonna cancel a football game because of rain...and we haven't even seen any lightening!"
  2. with all this backwards recruiting, I'm hearing that Tom Osborne is trying to put his old Husker staff together...
  3. it's gonna be all internet and phone call recruiting...kids can't go to campuses and coaches can't go see them...of course all colleges are just about now going to do online classes to try and avoid any chance of an outbreak might go to 2 hand touch football
  4. Did I hear that Duke and Kansas has decided no matter what because of the Wutang Clan Virus they are not letting their teams play in the NCAA tournament? and in a small note...Duke has decided to put an asterisk beside the loss to SFA and not count it in their all-time record because of the Wutang Clan Virus
  5. sorry, but Wutang Clan Virus is good anywhere their being racist at these restaurants because they don't know if Wutang Clan Virus is Asian or Black...they don't know who to hate monger on!
  6. And these players may have been upset because they just didn't like the idea of Wutang Clan Virus
  7. as a government we spend billions a year trying to narrow down and find yearly flu vaccines that will work and be accurate and yet we still have many deaths...so I don't think we take that lightly either in communities the flu hits at high absence % for an extended time (staff & students)...the school districts will shut down and fumigate to hopefully kill off any flu germs that linger and are there. they are trying to be proactive...they are trying to avoid lawsuits because of a game...and I was paid to coach a game and love games more than just about anything and can't stand not being able to watch, but logic says not everyone is as clean as the next person.
  8. I don't think it's an over reaction honestly. Especially when they have people with the wealth of a Rudy Gobert or Tom Hanks coming down with it. What it says is, if you are traveling and being around a ton of people that also may have been traveling (airports, ships, trains, subways, cabs, ubers, buses) there are people coughing and sneezing on each other and people with weakened immune systems are then at risk...now bring in tons of fans packed together from all over again, traveling in to see an event...a few sick coughing and sneezing all over everyone, not washing their hands...they all go back home, high school students and the college players go back to their respective schools and "popular it up" and "spread it" even more. To take this a further step, many of the states now are putting in stipulations about large gatherings which is what the Ivy League used to cancel all spring sports. Away from the sports world, many of us may attend quite large churches that are up near or above 1000 for a service (think about a Joel Osteen in Houston or TD Jakes in Dallas -- those guys far exceed those numbers)...if large groups of say 250 or more couldn't meet together for "safety"...that hits a ton of churches. And then how would it affect every public school in the nation just about...all of them are far exceeding those numbers traipsing around campus every day.
  9. holy cow, what a difference 1st half to 2nd half!!!
  10. if there was a team in Seattle...or hey Chicago for the active teams is as close to a hot bed for Corona... I wonder if Seattle or U of Washington has had a bid in to host early round of March Madness...I would take a hard pass on that contract even if there was a little bit of a financial hit for the NCAA to break a contract with a venue (at what they consider a late date) if I was the NCAA... Ubering around that congested hot mess of unwashed, unshaven Northwesterners passing around that disease milling around the Pike Place coughing on each other...then going back to everyone's part of the country to spread the disease...oh my lord it's the updated version of Outbreak without a monkey bite.
  11. but what is a couple weeks gonna do honestly? I had kinda half joked with some in our district about I wondered whether our higher up's would balk at doing that...when if you think of say little kids who touch all over each other, rub fluids over each other, on the teachers when hugging or hanging on their legs all day...disease would and will spread like wild fire...for generalization purposes: add in the poorer demographics, where it may not be as sanitary or nourished and again, it escalates dramatically...cold weather, people are sick and coughing & sneezing whatever out a mile onto everyone. the government/CDC actually I think shut down some Pennsylvania school INDEFINITELY until this is under control in their area or little region. I actually think that would be what would have to happen to any town. not two weeks, but bang...out indefinitely until town has clean bill of health. so say Texarkana has issues...you can't just close T-High, you would have to look at closing PG, LE, and would make a little wider ring around Texarkana (Atlana/New Boston/Ashdown/Genoa/Fouke/etc)...I feel like you'd have to knock all that little area of schools because otherwise it's the same potential. like many of the communities are now saying now large gatherings over 1000, but soon that number is going to drop and that will effect many of our churches.
  12. that was what happened to me, then I rolled into a college job that next year. I ended up twisting my degree to just regular Kinesiology because I had the hours to graduate right then. 15 years later, when I went back to do HS...it was chaos to go thru a certification program while coaching.
  13. This isn't Washington state or the like...athletics are treated as important here in Texas. That slippery slope would cost coaches jobs...because poorer districts would decide hey we can hire Joe Schmo to coach for $2,000 and his brothers Larry, Darrell, and Daryl for $500 each to be assistants. You'd find local yokels willing to come out of the stands to coach.
  14. I saw Art Briles at the mexican food place there...then riding around the area with a realtor...
  15. this is the only intelligent thing Trump has said in four plus years!!!
  16. so...you think they (Razorback fans/boosters) will give him 2 plus years with no rocky discontent?
  17. yes, if your team has a guy(s) hit the portal...it ought to allow for you to either add a transfer or another recruit to add to that number, on top of 25.
  18. that would be cool, add to the excitement (it's much better than the threat that's been looming for a year plus of doing away with kickoffs totally)... don't make these HS kids go through the transfer portal...oh wait, some district committee hits the transfer off switch.
  19. that was happening too...less, yes...a lot on that was if you were "lipstick" enough, schools and communities totally wouldn't even have had a second thought..."oh Ms. Johnson's not one of those, hush up...stop gossiping"
  20. Exactly...when most of us (in our late 40"s and older) grew up, there were ALWAYS a teacher or 3 that "had relationships" with students in your HS. You know that "cool teacher". Just things tightened up with the proliferation of the internet and media from all over. It's about sex so people want to hear the dirt...it's the way people are. I'm also in the camp of that parents now are in their kids business to a whole new level and kids will post their "trash news" of what and who they do. Many times as we grew up, our parents though..."My Little Joe goes to church and he doesn't drink, smoke, cuss, or have sex"..."and my Little Janey sure don't...she's waiting for marriage, the way we taught her". People who find out what is happening also see $$$ because we live in a sue crazy culture.
  21. I think he probably is struggling to "deal with his temper & team", but unless this coming recruiting class somehow bails...it's a stellar group...like 4 to 5 of the top 100 players.
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