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  1. For years, they've blacked out local TV broadcasts of professional football games if the game wasn't sold out. Seems like just about the same thing. If schools can't live with that, they should refuse to schedule Parkway in the future.
  2. Maybe the former athletes figure that if the big yellow dog was good enough for them - It should also be good enough for today's athletes. But things change over time - By the next generation it may be a fleet of limos.
  3. It's being discussed at Atlanta High School that a lot of advance tickets have been sold for this game. Should be a good one. :)
  4. And the three consecutive state champion Kitty Cats certainly learned that in 2011.
  5. Schools can afford many things. It's all just a matter of priorities.
  6. Didn't wait long. Just a few minutes into the first quarter. And it was all over :)
  7. Cook up those kitty-cat burgers like last year. Those were certainly tasty.
  8. How about who has the best in these categories: (1) Concession stand workers, (2) Visitor parking facilities, (3) Highway Patrol Troopers walking the sidelines
  9. This sounds like another name for the crew that's run the sidelines at Beckville games for many years.
  10. If those stats make Webster overrated - Bring it on!
  11. Ate at Chuy's in Tyler last week. The enchiladas were not cooked on the day I ordered them.
  12. Is Michelle Obama on yet? Have I missed her? Oh darn.
  13. Not a problem, sir. It's just routine. Step over here. And put your hands behind your back.
  14. "Tackle the man with the ball" - Always sound advice! :)
  15. Thought Obama was Hawaiian. Has that changed?
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