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  1. Not salty at all,Normangee beat us fair and square.beckville skull dragged us all over the field..just my point of perspective . actually hope Normangee has a great game,but think beckville wins by 14 plus...I've been wrong before and prolly will again,but I'm standing with how I see this matchup.
  2. OK,my unbiased opinion.. Normangee has a good vertical game,without pressure on them,bring the dogs every chance available.Qb will nickel and dime for easy yardage so d-line will hafta stand up. Beckville needs to grind on normangees defense and drag the game out on every play,they seem to thrive on emotion so take it out of the game and just grind. Beckville by 14-21..jmho
  3. Yeah he made a valiant effort but he was out of bounds on reception..I was about 3-4 yards from them with clear view...so was the back judge who called it wrong...lol
  4. Well I said Pewitt was gonna shook up Tha whirl...that's how ya start it...lol one train wreck at a time..
  5. We gave that game away and I'll leave it there.good job Normangee way to play till the end.
  6. Standing at fence,players coming onto field behind me,the announcers ask for hat removal and moment of silence,thanked them ask show of hands for former vets,raised my hand.when it was over,Normangee head coach touched my shoulder and thanked me for my service....his stock went up in my ledger..your most welcome sir,from all of us who are or have been in the gap...chain out
  7. I absolutely hate when a senior can't finish his season..heart breaking to see all the effort of four years end.
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