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  1. Ain't nobody dissing, jus ain't played em, so don't know much about the program to be honest. I'm sure they'll be coached up and a good opponent in dist. It's just a different hojpoj of teams in this dist this year and really, just a strange alignment to be honest.
  2. No sir, two brothers moved in from Cali, one reciever and both are d backs. From Bosco or John Bosco prep or some noise like that. Some private school or somthin, don't know it, but they supposed to be OK players. We can always use the help at wide out and secondary.
  3. That coach did wonders with Harleton last year, if it's him, I really like his coaching philosophy.. Js
  4. Well with our move in reciever from Cali, we should be able to stretch the field some this year.. Js
  5. I would expect nothing less.. Good hire and a good fit. Congrats Garrison.
  6. Malcom Kennedy from yuga, kid was electric to say the least, much respect
  7. Beckville Big Sandy Frankston Union Grove Hawkins Linden-kildare Carlisle How you think this finishes up?
  8. Did I miss something somewhere, saw us in dist 8 and region 2... Must be losing my damb mind.. Lol
  9. Man I can't believe Carlisle went region 2.. We gonna be pretty decent next year, excellent run game.. Maybe we run back into yall guys sometime..
  10. All my friend, just didn't wanna list ever school. Wasn't meant for somebody to get in they feels cause I didn name em.
  11. Gather up on wings and fly sister..
  12. I'm a boomer for a Lil ol 2a school, but in my heart, I always pray a little for JT, Lee and Marshall and pine-tree.. I believe that for your area to really shine, the bigger brothers in our region must excel. So I wish Mr coach one helluva freshman season at Lee. Chain out..
  13. My use of objective punctuation would be the downfall of gramercy and the Armageddon of obfuscation.. The timely use of adjectives is not the Forte of many on here.. Js... Lol
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