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  1. Gonna beat somebody at their own game,gotta learn to play it...js
  2. 35-36.. Carlisle,I fixed it for ya greezy...lol
  3. Wouldn’t consider it an upset,Carlisle is 2-2. Js
  4. Think I might have voted twice by accident,oh well vote soon vote often....lol
  5. Bro,this might have been a blessing in disguise.sometimes a little grounding is the perfect rescipe for perspective.would assume that focus will insue this week in practice for the wolves as they run fourtys getting that mind rite.lol
  6. Let’s get this one up and going.who’s gonna take this one in the dist opening game? Assuming we should have everybody back this week,I’ll take the indians for the win.lets here it.
  7. This is about to get ugly for my hometown,try not to let it get out of hand blu,chain...
  8. Next week against beckville we hopefully will have all but one,and he’s gone for the year. anyway,good game Timpson and as always coach T had em ready. Looking forward to a possible rematch maybe down the line For some perspective,imagine y’all’s number 10 not playing last night,our senior leader Qb carlos is as important to us as y’all’s fresh qb is.no excuses but just a reminder. again,we appreciate the schooling we got for them youngsters that had to step in,couldn’t think of a better place for game knowledge.chain out
  9. To be picky the pick as we were headed in at the one yard line was the game changer.was demoralizing to say the least
  10. Finally made it home,good game bears,proud of the backups tonight,even when getting shelled they kept coming...maybe we get to meet up again down the line aways.
  11. Been a long time since we had a running clock...that says it all about tonight
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