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  1. Yep,but I gota stand with them youngsters..hometown pride and loyalty,you understand
  2. As fine a young man as you'll ever meet,parents are great people and kid has excellent trajectory sure hope Mr king and company get him next level,you could see it in him in eight grade,some people it's evident early on they have potential for next level stuff.amd man did he fill out over the summer ..lol
  3. Need a poll,see how big of an underdog we truly are...lol
  4. We just gon have to play tough and aggressive and see how the chips fall...beckville will bring it,we just got to be tough enough to take it away from em
  5. Hmm..not a lot of ground production for the Dawgs this year so far,due to linemen out...look for surrat to run the ball with a vengeance,in the grand scheme of things this game is meaningless . He's got to have balance in the playoffs and he'll start working that line to get that mind rite,he'll throw when nessassary,and go back to pounding..He's a creature of habit,and good habits at that . 28-21 Carthage
  6. Well we are extremely young and there aren't many of us this season,but we'll be in their faces all night for sure...could turn into a interestingly good game if the Indians catch a couple breaks..these kids are all heart,just outnumbered most games,next season they will roll some good teams and surprise some really strong teams
  7. One of the few times I ever vote again the rams..Clarksville is my home town and it's just that simple..blood is blood
  8. Still can help but wonder about the chemistry of this Indian team,if our dude hadn't become a starter for the lobos..was really gonna be interesting year for our defense.was an absolute game changer in 2A ball.. That being said,he's where he needs to be and we surely wish him well and a great future with promise. Our Indians can win Friday,but gonna need a few breaks...may be the best 0-3 team in the region...lol
  9. Would think this game sets district this year . But I've been wrong before
  10. Ground and pound then,all we can do.hope them gassers they been running help in second half
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