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  1. east barnard i had sonora and they put it on them.
  2. all of us supporteast texas.and we have some tht knows some thing about high school football.and im probley the one fo the oldest one on here all of support
  3. yes ihave [probly as much as you have.im from hughes springs.have two newphews graduted from there .my dog is no longer in the fight so i am pulling for df.but from what my grand son hjis seen them play. he also saw df play nb. so we will see if he knows any thi ng .
  4. AMEN AMEN coach.have spy in san alanago dont over look these guys
  5. wall will stop DF.they have more thena pretty good team.great D and solid O/
  6. have grandson have seen them play said very dissipleeeend and excute very well .has played togethe from grade school.
  7. I think you are right.. and their thi g whatever it was is in the past and should not be brought up we are talking about now go mustangs
  8. nope.hs was 1auntil then they changed the enrollment they went to 2a .never been higher
  9. ha. durin g my years you were known as naples.and you did win nothing fromus.we thought to change your name to water buffers you were so outy of shspe
  10. ok lomardiDid I see where you said your team was linden? i will giveyou the fact they havent played anyone.However they have played all the teams on them scedule as they did last year and the year before that.and n ow we are about openions. well i dont think too much of your s as im sure dont think too much of mine .and really if some people were smart they would give one unless asked.so im going to take a page from your book and show minelol.you cannot tell me you think hs is overrated whe just sayed they havent played are you a talent scoutlol no i hink not.i was at the game last year .and
  11. four ft high and rising
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