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  1. Sups tend to like it if they can find the money ... puts a buffer between him/her and the board/public ... someone else to point to if hire does not turn out well.
  2. Welcome to Smoaky ... where everybody believes anybody can win at Jerry's House ...
  3. Well said and then some .....
  4. Noticed the UIL school listing indicates Cross Roads will not have a football team next cycle. Anyone know if this is true or an oversight?
  5. With both Carthage and Celina most likely moving into the region, it certainly appears the pecking order may change.
  6. Coaching, like other life processes, is about the right fit. Hopefully, they will make the right fit. Good luck in their selection process - the kids deserve the best ... and it's ALWAYS about the kids ... or at least it should be ... sometimes adults forget that - especially when personal agendas get in the way.
  7. There's more than one Brian Nichols that is a sup ... Brian A. and J. Brian ... Might check again ... I re-looked and didn't find a Hallsville connection .... But I've wrong before. He also coached at Oakwood.
  8. Laneville and New Summerfield ...
  9. Just wondering how difficult it would be to turn a football program around when your boss, the superintendent, was a successful small town basketball coach and his two previous stints as superintendent have been with schools that never played football? I do not know this particular sup, but my four and a half decades in the school buziness tells me anybody going in needs to ask that question.
  10. The Paradigm of Change: Whether you change jobs, change offenses, change defenses, or change personnel, the reality is real. When you are standing on the top on one mountain, and look over and want to get to the next mountain - which happens to be very much higher than the one you are standing on - then when you start your journey to get there there's a pretty good chance that you're going to encounter a VALLEY in between. How deep and wide that VALLEY IS ultimately depends upon a lot of factors – both tangible and intangible – some within your control and some not. Regardless, there is one thing that is for certain: to reach your goal of getting to the next mountain level, you will have spend some time journeying DOWNWARD before you get to begin your trek upward. And it can sometimes take time before techniques, mindset, and skills evolve from adaptive to habitual. In reality, no matter who are where you are at any given time or place, the road to success ALWAYS runs UPHILL – if not, anyone could get there and it would mean virtually nothing … And the only comfortable alternative is to stay and be happy with who you are, what you are, and where you are. But if you plan to be better than you are now, then you're probably going to have to be willing to do something better than what you are doing. No one ever said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it in the end. In the real world, I'm sure eagles would find it be much easier to nest on the ground or on the lowest branches of the forest - but instead they chose to build their nests in the very top of the tallest trees and rockiest mountains. They do this despite the fact that, as a result, their nest must be built infinitely stronger to withstand the stress and strain when the strong storm winds begin to blow. Then why co they do it? Because they would rather soar in the sky than just perch on a limb with most of the rest of the birds. Good luck to those that change their addresses ... I'm afraid it's part of the coaching DNA ... and God bless their families who have their backs.
  11. Sorry for the interjection, but I ran across this story about Gladewater HS football ... musta been a slow news day ... lol Doubt he's still around, but let him in the game for free if he is ...
  12. There are a lot of things that could be discussed ... but after examination, there were two things that jumped out. Of the 32 regions, from 2A to 5A, only three regions feature Final Fours who were ALL district champions/#1 seeds. And along those same lines, there are SEVEN Fourth Seeds that made the Final Four in their Region. And to re-visit an old adage ....
  13. They average throwing less than 10 times a game. They rush for a bit over 300 per game (and about 50-60 thru the air) QB is just short of 2000 yards rushing and has 24 TDs ... the RB is just over 1,000 yds ... One receiver has about 2/3 of all their receptions.
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