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  1. Small town newspapers are as useful as cable TV.
  2. I don't think they are planning on going back down to White Oaks level! You are a SH troll!
  3. 12JEFF You are absolutely correct. Carthage has a special thing going over there right now, and other than them, Henderson has been the 2nd best team several years in a row. Its easy to blame it on the coaches here but really look at what they have done in the past few years. No one in the state can match what Carthage has done and very few can match what Henderson has done. FACT!
  4. Have you seen West Rusk's roster? They have a hand full of freshman starters! This theory can work both ways.
  5. From what I could tell, against Harmony I saw 4 freshman on defense for a lot of the game.
  6. Gotcha! Honestly I wish that wasn't an option. These schools that are prospering are all benefitting from move ins. We all know who they are. I think there needs to be more penalty time when they move around and also stricter guidelines to qualify to transfer. All reality, winning championships with non home grown kids is not proving much. This football in Texas high school is about like select baseball.
  7. The Kilgore kid has been there for several years. His mom has been an employee for a while. Its more like his dad came down to coach. As far as Henderson kids go, West Rusk school district goes all the way to the west side of the city limits of Henderson. Those kids have been going back and forth for years.
  8. Last Year was last year! This year is a whole different story. Henderson hasn't proved that they are worthy at all. Nor has many schools yet this early in the year. I hope Center plays them tough and Center has a good year. I don't think anyone on here but you have downplayed any other teams. Stick to pulling for Center and Gladewater and not putting other teams down, especially when you don't know the facts.
  9. Also Gladewater was a 4a team until the early 80s and when they dropped, they had had some success in 3a for several years. It always makes it better with being in the larger enrollment side of your classification!
  10. That is true to a point! The only team that was 4a that had not dropped then was Kilgore. Carthage, Chapel Hill, Palestine and Henderson were all down. So my point is, they did drop but we were all still playing the same teams. The difference was we lost the metroplex teams such as Highland Park, Ennis, Waxahachie etc. Henderson hasn't been king of anything ever and Gladewater has never owned Henderson either.
  11. I think most of the Henderson posters were embarrassed to be associated with the jailbird!
  12. I love the lions being the underdogs! Just like last year, no respect. Bring it on PG!
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