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  1. Been saying this all year. The Qb has to run the football. Without that, the offense can be stopped. It’s called read option for a reason. Without him pulling and running, there’s no read or option.
  2. People saying WR moved down in classification like they have never been down before. Dang, they were up 2 years and came right back home. Geez we have some genius people on here.
  3. #16 leads all East Texas with receptions also. Well up in the 40s now.
  4. I guess you don’t remember him running for his life in the second half. I was sitting with some old SH coaches and was getting all the info that most people don’t even see the difference. SH won the first half and barely was ahead and then got hammered the second half. Dillon Brown was a badass but he got hit several times that led to the breakdown. Henderson went man to man and the talent level showed real quick.
  5. More like Henderson went to man defense in the second half and moved one kid from LB to DE and history was in the making. SH was wearing them out in the first half. Those QB sacks in the second half from the new DE took a toll on the QB.
  6. That being said, does any team around own the head to head with Carthage? They have pretty much dominated this area along with the entire state.
  7. I hate one game series. It only says who’s got the one best pitcher and sometimes not necessarily the best overall team.
  8. The only year I think they had more talent was 2016. Still “Carthage” got it done. They had Ingram. They had a few years where the talent was good but still had to go through Carthage. Here we go again, how many other teams can say the same thing? Very few. La Vega, Argyle, Liberty Hill, El Campo etc. Henderson has had their fair share of talent throughout my 40 years of following just like the last few. I’m not disagreeing with the fact that it was time for a change but I don’t think this change will work out. Only time will tell.
  9. He made it to the 4th round 3 times! That’s success! No other coach from here or Carthage has done that except Surratt. Decent? Really?
  10. Nothing wrong with Castles coaching. There are some people here upset but that’s everywhere you go. The only people that will ever see it the way it is are the ones not involved in the program. I was told years ago that being a coach was very difficult. When you hire on, 1/3 wants you another 1/3 doesn’t and the other 1/3 doesn’t care. As time goes on, the numbers grow in the don’t want you section whether it be from not winning or just from parents not being satisfied with their kids playing time. Coaches like Phil will move on and certainly have success wherever he goes. It’s tough for his family and the other families involved. Henderson will also move on and at some point will have success again as we have always had athletes to do so. Good luck coach on your new endeavors and good luck to Henderson on theirs. The people here are not satisfied with the recent playoff success, which other than a championship in 2010 has been better than any other coach before. I guess we are wishing we had Carthage’s success but that is also everyone else in the state of Texas.
  11. It really doesn’t matter who they bring in for a while! From what I’ve seen, there are no Jimmys or Joes on the roster for a few years.
  12. This is going to get ugly! It’s already ugly the way it’s being handled. Lots of kids and families being affected here. I think it’s about time for Henderson to take their school back.
  13. Small town newspapers are as useful as cable TV.
  14. I don't think they are planning on going back down to White Oaks level! You are a SH troll!
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