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  1. Vandalman

    Tomato Bowl Renovations

    Working in Jville today. Looks nice. Making me wish Van would schedule a pre-district game with the Indians. Would like to see a game there.
  2. Vandalman

    Now that the season is over

    My Dad was a Marine in WWII also. Was on Guam. He didn't talk too much about it either. We never even realized that he probably had PTSD until he had alzheimer's in his 90's and would think people were shooting at him on July 4th when he'd hear the fireworks. He just dealt with it quietly all those years. Greatest generation that ever lived...
  3. Vandalman

    Now that the season is over

    The only new one's I saw were Carthage and got to see most of the Longview state game on tv...what a game!
  4. Congrats Carthage. Now keep it rolling
  5. Yeah, lots of program options. We went from the big dish to direct tv then back to big dish. Got tired of big bills and ditched all of them years ago. Just use antenna, streaming and occasionally Redbox now.
  6. I like Roku. Seems faster and more versatile than the apps built into the tv. We got the portable stick one so we could easily take it in our travel trailer on trips and put it back in the house when back at home. Pluto keeps adding channels every couple of weeks. Netflix, Amazon all work good too. Still haven't streamed a game yet. Probably will though.
  7. Vandalman

    Stadium Announcers

    I like our announcer at Van but the best one I heard in the playoffs this year was at Mesquite Memorial. He sounded very professional. He definitely had a unique personality. Really liked how he would say "Vandal ball" or "Hornet ball" without adding the plural "s" lol.
  8. Nope. Very admirable. I hope he stays.
  9. Bound to get an offer sooner or later. Look at Gilmer. Question is, will he take it?
  10. Carthage most likely has the advantage here but whoever wins, I'll be rooting for you the rest of the way.
  11. Vandalman

    Henderson Vs Van

    Yep, I agree. They'll be arguing about that 2 points for weeks lol. It was the right call. No guarantee we would have hit the kick. Even if we did there would still be 29 seconds left for the Lions next drive and our D was tired. Then even if we made the stop, there's no guarantee OT would have swung our way either. Turnovers were the difference. Outstanding game from both teams. Has to be one of the best games I've ever watched.
  12. Vandalman

    Henderson Vs Van

    Seems to be two schools of thought on the 2 pt conversion. Put me in the poll that thinks it was the right call. Refs? No different than most games. Lot of no calls both sides, a couple of questionable calls both sides. Probably nothing that swayed the game one way or the other. Let's face it, these two teams match up well. Could have played each other 10 times this season and been 5-5, and probably been 21-20 every time lol. This game was better than the last one even though we lost. Both offenses were sloppy in the first one. Both looked much better in this one. Defense was good in both. This one was a really fun game to watch.
  13. Vandalman

    Henderson Vs Van

    Same score as last time but reversed lol. Congrats Hendo. Good season Van. Enjoyed every minute of it.
  14. Vandalman

    Henderson Vs Van

    I still feel like Fred...