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  1. And to think...back when I was in school we got sent home for not having our shirts tucked in. Can't imagine anything like this incident EVER happening. Of course, during my upbringing, they also still used the device that's in my attached picture. Maybe old ways are sometimes better? Just a thought...
  2. Would love to see the underdogs win this one but I think Gilmer will just be too much for them this week. Wouldn't be totally shocked if CM did pull it off though. Should be a good game. That CM QB is fun to watch.
  3. I had a feeling about this one. CM doesn't look nearly as good on film as they do in person lol. I know we definitely had no answer for them when we played. Great game today. Congrats to CM!
  4. Don't know, but they posted these two links on FF. Hopefully at least one will work. https://www.cmfoxathletics.com/broadcasts https://www.txkgameday.com/
  5. Will be interesting for sure. It's been a strange year for Van. Seems like the talent was there, although young in some positions, but just couldn't quite get things clicking. Then we'd get hit with injuries, covid or whatever, but really seem to be peaking the last 3 weeks. Like at a completely different level. I hope so at least. That's why the homer in me thinks there's a good possibility of an upset this week.
  6. Just basing this on highlights from last week, so really hard to tell but looks like CM can air it out good and their qb is quick and elusive. Then again, Hillsboro looked slow and not that physical. I'll take Van by 14. Then again, this kind of has the feeling of the Splendora game a couple of years ago. We all know rankings don't always mean much either, so could go either way.
  7. I heard this game wasn't being streamed. Does anyone know if it will be on the radio?
  8. They are much improved since the first game or two. Excellent coaching.
  9. I thought the refs did a good job. A lot better than some games I've seen. I'm really not sure what calls were thought to be bad. Only one I thought might of been in question was the targeting call but after looking at it again there was helmet to helmet contact and they did call it "Non Flagrant Targeting" so they didn't think it was intentional. All I know is they do have a lot more rules these days and I wouldn't want the refs job lol.
  10. LE always has good athletes. This is another good matchup I like seeing in pre-district. Only downside is the travel for the visiting school.
  11. After watching that again, I'm not sure that wasn't a fumble recovered by Van at about the 3:17:40 mark. Honestly, I can't tell if it was or wasn't but makes you think how close this game was and how evenly matched the teams were. Could have easily gone either way. Great effort from both sides. I like this match-up and hope we schedule every year.
  12. This may be a battle of defenses.
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