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  1. Will be interesting to see what happens. Was surprised to see where Mexia ended up in the UIL alignment. Lot of traveling for them.
  2. I was surprised too. I don't think I've seen the two teams play since I've been going to the games. 96/97 could very well be right.
  3. Does look promising. Gotta wonder how they decided to put Mexia in there. That's serious drive time too.
  4. Looks like we worked out something for week 6 now. LE should be a good game, just a long drive. 2020 - 2021 Schedule S1 - Chapel Hill S2 - Grand Saline 1 - Palestine 2 - Malakoff 3 - Lindale 4 - Pittsburg 5 - Center 6 - Liberty Eylau 7 - open 8 - Mexia (H) 9 - Bullard (A) 10 - Canton (H) 11 - Brownsboro
  5. Wow, long drive for the WP-Carthage game. Personally I wouldn't mind this at all. Gotta wonder what WP, Canton, BB and Bullard are thinking though.
  6. I had to look it up cause I couldn't remember lol. Sept 20 2011. Like most, I read on here a lot before I joined. September 20, 2011 September 20, 2011
  7. I agree. I wish we would schedule Henderson. I like the match up. Lindale has become a pretty good rival game so I bet we keep that one. I'd like to see Gilmer too. Oh well, they don't ask me lol. The old Canton games were a good rival at one time.
  8. Yeah I kinda miss the old Van/Canton games. Just hope we schedule some tough pre-district games no matter where we end up. And yep, I bet a lot of folks wish Carthage numbers were higher lol.
  9. Be interesting to see what districts Van and Carthage end up in.
  10. This game is already over lol.
  11. May try to catch some of this later. Thanks for the link.
  12. Strength of schedule says a lot. Palestine beat some really good teams. I say Pali by at least 2 td's.
  13. Whatever happened to phswildcatsfan? He always had good posts and supported his team no matter what. Haven't seen him on here this year and Pali is doing really good this season. Just hoping all's well with him.
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