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  1. I'm going with Lindale. I do think that it will be a close one tho. But sticking with the Eagles on this one. And as far as the I-20 rivals go....Lindale all the way.
  2. Yep! Lindale 21- Chapel Hill 17!
  3. I think Chapel Hill will win this one. Bittersweet game for me, my Eagle graduated last year, but I'm a bulldog at heart, went to school there all my life. I'm excited to watch Bulldog Delinis Garrett play tonight, he and my son played together as Eagles and are the best of friends, as a matter of fact, my son is coming in from Tarleton today and we are going to the game this evening. We will be sitting on the Bulldog side!
  4. Final - Bulldogs 38, Eagles 21. Congrats to Carthage! And the scoreboard is awesome!!
  5. Going with Lindale, of course. And Acy will back on the field, nothing was broken or torn.
  6. Who's ready to eat crow, umm make that eat eagle!!!!
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