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  1. The Man can Coach. I know he's had some personal issues over the years. I wish him well!
  2. There are some great Coaches out there. Webb is definitely a good one. I know he did well when he was Coaching your RC Bulldogs.
  3. Agreed. Definitely have to give the Coaching edge to Lee.
  4. Stoney, Didnt realize that he is ranked #1 in the State. I know he's a stud, but that seems a little suprising. I'm guessing they will redshirt him and put some weight on him. He seemed to regress a little from his great Junior season. Hopefully, he makes it and can become a starter after Mond. Seems like a great kid!
  5. Not sure why some Parents move their kids around. It seems to happen more over the last 10-15 years. In this case with his Talent it would seem the Colleges would come calling whichever Program he was in.
  6. Yes. He will be All State Junior Varsity next year
  7. What's he accomplished to warrant leading one of the top programs in East Texas. I would think they could attract a proven commodity
  8. They have produced some good backs the last few years.
  9. Indeed. Defense stepped up and Monds athleticism was the difference. Jimbo needs to let him run....
  10. 6-6? They will be lucky to win 3 games. Where is this optimism coming from...
  11. If his Son is a baller, why wouldn't he want him to play against the big boys in 6A. In addition, Dad gets a $25k raise or more. Sounds like a win win.
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