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  1. Mississippi state is going to do this to many SEC teams this year. Not many better than the Pirate in putting passing yards and points on the board.
  2. Going with Spring Hill to make it 3 in a row..
  3. Spring Hill has ex Gilmer Coaches too. Give the local boys some love. LOL
  4. I believe you have Ehlinger confused with Hurts from OU last year
  5. You need to take this mess somewhere else. Most of us dont come on here to hear yours or others liberal politics. Sports on TV are bad enough. You and your boy Biden can go to the political forum. Ridiculous.....
  6. I understand Nevada has had 8 students test positive for Corona. Not sure if any are on the football team. Wondering if this one is still going to happen.
  7. What was the reason for not playing 2nd half? Down by 4 TD'S? Seems strange for a Varsity matchup.
  8. Just curious. Where do you think SFA would go. What other FCS conference would make sense. Travel would be a nightmare. I think this is a pipe dream.
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