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  1. Speaking of family pedigrees is another young Traylor, the OC at Spring Hill. Worked in Gilmer under Jeff and Tyler Lee under Kurt. If they are looking for a up and comer this would be a good hire!
  2. Not in Football. Highland Park has the richest football history in the State
  3. Hes still getting several million a year from Arkansas.
  4. He's getting a $10 million buyout. I imagine he will be at Allen for the 3-4 years the buyout is paid, then get back into College football. He will probably win a ship or 2 in that time. Heck of a football coach. Picked up a couple of bad places to try and win- SMU & ARKANSAS.
  5. I believe it's just grades 10-12
  6. Where did the HC go? Wondering if they will give the OC Alford a shot.
  7. Sam Houston 71 Nichols 17!! Lamar beats Mcneese in OT.
  8. Those Dallas boys must have gone Cold. Was it a live by the 3, die by the 3?
  9. He should have kicked the school's out that quit on the conference. After what 40+ years of being a member of the Southland. It's kind of like the old saying "Dont let the doorknob hit....". SFA is a basketball school now which I understand why they would leave. Sam is a Football and Baseball school and I dont see the logic in them leaving. I know the schools are getting more money from the WAC, but the travel budgets will be 10 fold.
  10. It would be hard to blame him. Particularly with the way those teams are leaving the Conference.
  11. WET, you keep putting words in my mouth. I never said OU should be nervous. I asked the Okie troll who seems to always want to comment in the Longhorn thread, if he was nervous. Difference from your comment of he was nervous. The Horns seem to be in his head as much as yours. Cant figure it out. Also, never said Sark was the second coming of Saban. What I did say was that he has assembled the best staff on Austin on the last 10 years. You twist my word to fit your narrative. This is a Longhorn thread, what are you expecting to see on here?
  12. 100%. The staff Sark has put together is a definite upgrade to what Texas has had
  13. Agreed! They have plans to upgrade the facilities. It will happen. Definitely helps being THE Catholic University in the predominant Hispanic community in a large City like San Antonio. Future is bright. They will probably be playing Sam for another Conference championship the last game of the Spring season.
  14. Incarnate Word thumped McNeese state 41-20. They had the top ranked Southland conference recruiting class in 2021. Things are looking up for the FCS program based in San Antonio. They have only been in the Southland for 5 years and already have a Conference championship in football.
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