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  1. Looks like a lot of crow to eat after this game. Does anybody know if this will be on live-streamed?
  2. Are you serious, PG has not be NB in??? I don't know when. Big talk by a PGDad homer for sure. NB might be down but PG has not prove themselves at all and already big talk from a poster that does not have a clue.
  3. 100% chance of rain for friday night down in commerce. So bring your unbrella and the wind could be whipping pretty good.
  4. I heard Jeff Gladney is at school today and he said he feels fine and nothing hurts. Heard they were going to take him to get a MRI just for precaution.
  5. What day is the game Monday or Saturday and time please I have heard so much rumors
  6. They still have the tournament even if NB is not in it. The same thing happen last year and NB was not in the tournament.
  7. Cameron yoe spank DF last year. Never was in the game. DF look like little league compare to them.
  8. Too many people living in the past. Just think some of these people are grown men and women. Not trying to down anybody just love the site and like to see people talk about there team now. We all have teams that we could go way back and talk about but the truth is it doesn' t matter. Just because the cowboys were good in the mid 90's doesnt mean they are going to win the superbowl this year. Yea and also albama are going there third straight national title but not. Lets talk about today or we will talk about our team past and everything will come out of the wood shed
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