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  1. ScreamingEagle

    Happy....... But Not For All

  2. https://ing.org/global-condemnations-of-isis-isil/
  3. ScreamingEagle

    Release of the Mueller Report

    The presidency after 40 years of trumpism.
  4. ScreamingEagle

    🐇 QAnon

  5. ScreamingEagle

    Beto and Joe

  6. ScreamingEagle

    Release of the Mueller Report

    How dare you have a life outside of Smoaky.
  7. ScreamingEagle

    Notre Dame Burning

    You do fit the description.
  8. ScreamingEagle

    Notre Dame Burning

  9. ScreamingEagle

    Notre Dame Burning

    Another shining example of the Dunning-Kruger effect
  10. He preferred to be called David.
  11. Bwahahahaha. The Cons on this site couldn’t debunk squat. It’s laughable that they think they could.
  12. ScreamingEagle

    Notre Dame Burning

    It's always whitey's fault.