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  1. ScreamingEagle

    AOC Border Agents

    You won’t ever catch up to me.
  2. ScreamingEagle

    💲 The Trump Economy 💲

  3. ScreamingEagle

    💲 The Trump Economy 💲

    That sounds like a fetish that I don’t even want to begin to imagine. To each there own I guess.
  4. ScreamingEagle

    💲 The Trump Economy 💲

  5. ScreamingEagle

    Gladewater - #WalkAway Meet-&-Greet This Saturday!

    Please send a pic of the turnout.
  6. ScreamingEagle

    💲 The Trump Economy 💲

    I have. Thanks Obama for the continued economic growth. You do realize that it takes a few years for a presidents economic policies to begin to show how it has affected the economy.
  7. ScreamingEagle

    🧕 Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia)

    You post that it’s a fact yet you don’t post any facts. Interesting.
  8. ScreamingEagle

    👱 The official butthurt Trump-hater thread

    I did. She said that you didn’t know.
  9. ScreamingEagle

    👱 The official butthurt Trump-hater thread

    How would you know?
  10. ScreamingEagle

    👱 The official butthurt Trump-hater thread

    I bet you do