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  1. Ummmm, we’re no longer talking about Bosnia ma’am.
  2. At least you don’t have to babysit the kids who are taking the STAAR. No tech whatsoever. That’s my next week.
  3. I love how people who weren’t there believe that they know more than those who were there to experience it.
  4. You just said in your previous post your “estimated” number of 7% and now your saying you haven’t made estimates. Interesting how the right works.
  5. I know the earth is round. I was making a statement as to how the blog post came to his conclusions. What I’m stating is that you haven’t provided valid stats to back up your claim so therefore I cannot accept for fact what you feel is true.
  6. And your estimates are correct why? Excuse me if I don’t take for fact what “some people” say.
  7. That’s a blog and not an actual article therefore it is not a trusted source. The writer already had an opinion and tried to verify it with stats that supported him instead of letting stats from different sources form his opinion. Kind of the same premise that people use to “prove” that the earth is flat.
  8. The simple fact is that MANY Christian priests are pedophiles & that number is too high. But I guess if you want to minimize pedophilia then that’s your prerogative.
  9. I’ll take that as a no. Sorry if I don’t trust the numbers that Hagar just pulled out of his rear
  10. Can you show me that number or are you just making assumptions?
  11. Because it’s a small number. It’d be like me saying that all Christians are pedophiles based on the actions of several Catholic Priests.
  12. Actually I’m not too big on organized religions. I just feel that people should be able to believe what they want and not be condemned by the actions of a small few.
  13. I’m not the one advocating for concentration camps.
  14. I see that the Nazis are alive in this thread.
  15. And yet people wonder why those on the right are called Nazis
  16. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/steve-bannon-were-going-to-war-in-the-south-china-sea-no-doubt/ar-AAmwFbi?li=BBnbfcL
  17. I can't wait to see the thread started when she visits Loving County and all 80 something of it's residents.
  18. I coached a game in Waco. Can I have my own thread?
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