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  1. How did he get a raw deal? He had his contract extended at Overton and left on his own to return to Arkansas.
  2. Which schools will be effected by today's changes to UIL Division I and 2 enrollment in both 4A and 5A?
  3. Dr. Nichols is one of the brightest lights in the superintendent world....I'd trust him with pretty much anything when it comes to school business and that includes finding a good fit for the coaching position.
  4. Sabine Pass-Hull Daisetta-Evadale-Burkeville-Deweyville-Colmesneil-West Sabine (possibly Tenaha) Tenaha-Mount Enterprise-Cushing-Overton-Cross Roads-Wortham (maybe Frost or Lovelady if Tenaha goes south) Maud-Clarksville-Bowie-Detroit-Boles-Cumby Lovelady-Iola-Snook-Somerville-Bremond-Chilton-Mart-Frost (Lovelady or Frost or both could move)
  5. I've been employed in 8 districts beginning in the 70's (and I'm still going) and I've never been in a school that had terrible conditions where admin didn't support teachers with difficult kids. I don't think every school fits your description...certainly not the ones I've been in. I don't doubt there are some that have that issue, but please don't make it out to be all public schools because I know that is not the case.
  6. There is also the scenario that the opposing team ran the score up on Thursday night (JV-JH) when there really is a chance for a huge imbalance of talent and now they are just getting pay back. Most coaches hate games that are blow outs. Once you have a game won you are looking ahead and don't want someone to get hurt in a game that is already in the win column.
  7. AT&T is awesome....Mr. Jones does a great job in putting on the games....but remember that the most important thing is that high school athletes are playing for a state championship and the metroplex schools do get an advantage when the game is played in their neighborhood every year...bigger fan base...less travel...more fans plus a lot of the top 5A-6A schools in the area play there either in playoff games or pre-season games. There is some advantage to playing in a place with which you are familiar. If the sites were rotated to the other domed stadiums then the Gulf Coast and San Anto
  8. What does West Sabine have? They just beat Grapeland so they can't be a slouch.
  9. TOP 50 ALL-TIME WINNINGEST HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL PROGRAMS 1. Valdosta (Ga.) - 899 All-time record: 899-220-34 Source: NFHS, team website 2015: 8-4 2. Highlands (Fort Thomas, Ky.) - 876 All-time record: 868-223-26 Source: Kentucky High School Athletic Association record book 2015: 8-6 3. Male (Louisville, Ky.) - 859 All-time record: 859-322-49 Source: KHSAA record book 2015: 15-0 4. Washington (Massillon, Ohio) - 853 All-time record: 853-283-36 Source: Ohio High School Athletic Association record book 2015: 4-6 5. Mayfield (Ky.) - 847 All-time record
  10. The pro athletes could certainly do it outside of the school practice and it would be appreciated. To interfere with the team practice just because you are a celebrity would be counter-jproductive.
  11. I think the defenses adjusting to the spread offense makes the rare triple option (Navy) or slot t successful since they are hard to emulate in practice with backups and jvs.
  12. I fell into the trap of thinking since Refugio beat San Augustine so convincingly that they couldn't be beat...Mart dominated after the middle of the first quarter.
  13. It is true Timpson was considered very good...but this is the first year in any sport in a while that they've been that good. Muenster has been a perennial contender in multiple sports for many years...they've been up against the best and have contended well. I do think experience in big games makes a difference. Tenaha will likely still win...but I would not be shocked if it was close.
  14. I agree...but I do think there are some really solid matchups this year. I hope they are all good, close games.
  15. Just curious as to why team success should be factored in to all state teams if you are only looking at regular season, not playoff, awards? Just because a great player is surrounded by sub par players doesn't take away from his talent and an average back behind a great line can have success without being worthy of awards. I know the winning teams get publicized, but we've all seen players on bad teams who are deserving of recognition despite their unfortunate circumstances. We all know that sportswriters cannot see every team in person even in their area, much less statewide. They have to
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