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  1. here is hoping they keep this one local this time and hire one of the coordinators....1 year coaching stint until a bigger job comes along is bad for the program...need some continuity and someone that wants to homestead in LO
  2. yea, area meets are this week....our district 13-3A and 14-3A run tomorrow....one reason i was wanting to see the district results...trying to put together a region picture for a few distance events
  3. Yea, i tried all 3 (TTFCA, MileSplit, TexasTrack) and none have these 2 districts yet
  4. Anyone have results for these district meets?
  5. Lone Oak Buffaloes dominate All-District 14-2A voting (see atttachment)
  6. since this is ur first post ever Chowder and you have never even had a point why don't you and ballsforlife stick it....i know your a couple of dumb kids trying to stir #### up....your not fooling anybody.
  7. we were evidently typing responses at same time and i didnt see your post where you said u actually saw NB play...i wasnt implying u were lying, just asking if you had seen them...in answer to your earlier post we lose 3 senior starters but we return our 2 big men and point guard and we had pretty strong JV...i think we will be strong team again next year
  8. yea, you got it right 111...dont know if you had actually seen NB play or just good guess...i know i said no excuses earlier but it didn't help that we lost our leading scorer early in first qtr...they played really good defense and scoring was definitely difficult for us last night
  9. Yea, the boys played their hearts out tonight but come up short. It's been a great ride and I'm kinda bummed right now. NB was definitely a stronger team than I thought. Not sure they are going to fair as well against Ponder, will see. We had an off night....but they earned the win, no excuses....I'm out....see you on the Track thread
  10. how you see it 111? have you seen NB play? or is this just wishful thinking?
  11. Haha...always gonna be haters...Ballsforlife must not have liked my prediction...thanks for the support though...yea I would have liked nothing better than to play EW in Regional finals and go 3 for 3, but not meant to be...LO will make the district proud tonight!
  12. This thread can't die yet!....Lone Oak still alive and representing district 14-2A...whats the scouting report on New Boston? anybody see them play? If you have seen both Lone Oak & New Boston play, whats your prediction for Tuesday night? I will go with the LO defense to beat NB and make it to the next round & regional tourney!
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