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  1. Well 0 - 7. Until next year, maybe, Stripes OUT.
  2. Now that was pathetic. 1:06 in & THE PATRIOTS ARE UP 7 - 0. RIDICULOUS.
  3. Besides they can't loose to the Patriots right??? RIGHT??? If they do i am done on here & with high school football this season.
  4. O yea since there isn't a thread for Daingerfield vs. Prairieland, I guess I'll say that 72' will still hold the worst record in Daingerfield starting off a season, & 14' finally wins. It probably won't be pretty but 1 - 6 is the verdict.
  5. he doesn't have 4 more years. More like 4 more games.
  6. Hahaha I'd check it out from Bert St. fence line
  7. that would make them 3 - 2 & 3rd in District o would imagine.
  8. Prairieland & Mt.Vernon are the next two games before the the 0 - 8 is matched. Most would consider these fairly easy match-ups but with how things have played out are they really? Could Daingerfield lose to either or both?
  9. Will this year's squad tie or be worse than the 72' team that started 0 - 8? (Correct if stats or year is wrong plz)
  10. We aren't who we were a few years ago lol. Outside Gilmer who really is?And I didn't say or refer to your 2nd string running back (qtr back) at all. His job was to move the chains & he did, effectively. I'm glad you respect my opinion, awfully kind of ya. Best of wishes to you in district.
  11. Hahaha I've watched all 5 butt kickings & IN MY OPINION (it could have been just your game plan against us), but Henderson looked the least impressive. Get butt sore over it if you want. Gilmer didn't get a chance to flex their muscle (sense we played so awful) so ATL has looked like the most sound team. You guys can cry & argue all you want lol but it's just my opinion. Crankshaft excluding me from the other 20 Tiger fans in attendance hurt my feelings hahaha.
  12. I'm being gracious putting Daingerfield @ 3. i really can't figure this guy, A.SARDINIA out. I mean his coaching style, play calling, game planning & so on behooves me. Daingerfield has no confidence, team chemistry, star players, plays you know are guaranteed, no nothing. It's hard to watch. Yes the district opponents are suppose to be far less competitive than what we've seen in preseason, but we've played alot of teams 2's & 3's and there's still no light at the end of the tunnel. 0 - 5 in Tigerland, who'd ever thought it. Daingerfield 50 Opponents 232
  13. I hate to do this, I really do. 1. NB 2. WINN 3. D'FIELD 4. RW _______ 5. PL 6. MV
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