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  1. Congrats to Palestine on winning state! Glad to see East Texas represented as state champs two years in a row. Have to think with the young team Palestine has they have to be looking to go back to back next season!
  2. I have seen Center and Palestine this year and they are both very good. Can't speak for the others. I believe Center returned a lot from last year. Palestine has a young and very talented group.
  3. Well most good soccer players play club regardless where they live. Lufkin won state in 5A beating a Austin area team last year. DFW soccer programs are suffering a bit on the boys side because of the growth of soccer academy's with some of the professional teams which makes them ineligible for HS soccer. Schools from the RGV do really well as well. Now on the girls side its another story. The DFW schools dominate on the girl's side. I believe Southlake is the #1 team in the nation.
  4. Yes, believe I read they finished 34-0. Crazy good year glad they could seal the deal with a state title. Seems to be a well deserved state title as well!
  5. Kilgore wins 1-0 and plays tomorrow at 1:30 for the regional championship vs the winner of North Dallas and Mesquite Poteet
  6. nwaStallions

    29-4A Boys

    If you need to get healthy maybe but a week of down time can sometimes be a bad thing.
  7. nwaStallions

    35-4A Boys

    Hey I made a rookie mistake, sorry Dual. Atleast I was pumping his team up instead of bashing them. I would feel real dumb then. I did catch one of thier games in the Select cup and they seemed a decent squad.
  8. nwaStallions

    35-4A Boys

    I'm guessing you've never actually watched Brenham play? They are on a totally different level than Hudson, Dibol , and Nac and historically speaking on another level than anyone in that district. I've seen them play in person and they will have no trouble with the 4th place team out of 35-4A. Their program has history and talent. It's no mistake they have been to the state tourney multiple times in the past 10 years.
  9. MP beat Lindale 2-1 in both teams final tune-up before district. MP is very good and always will be very good as long as the steady flow of kids keep coming into the program. Very little doubt from what i've seen that MP is the best team in east texas.
  10. Brenham Soccer has a website where the results are posted. http://www.cubsoccer.com
  11. It's not like at this point your going to get a good or bad draw. Rarely do bad teams make it through the Regional Tourney to State.
  12. It's possible Kilgore may win because anything can happen but, you cannot judge a team based on result from a preseason tourny at the beginning of the year. Red Oak has one of the better forwards in the state and has been a solid team. Should be a good game if both side have their preferred players healthy and in the game.
  13. Can we get this post back to being factual. I come here to check results from the district not to hear the opinions of others reguarding coaching. It isn't any ones business to comment on how a coach runs his team. Let's stick to facts and results.
  14. Jacksonville lost to Lindale. I would have John Tyler at the top of the list. Outside of the Athens game they have been pretty dominate. Kilgore is solid but I'm curious to see how the rest of the season goes without there stud. Their D should keep them in good shape. As for Pinetree the jury should still be out on them.
  15. Since 4 teams make the playoff I'm willing to bet Lindale is good enough to get 4th in that district. JVille is down and so is Nac. They will be competitive with Whitehouse but have no chance with Corsicana and JT. Making the playoff after losing all Lindale the Sr's they had on this years squad I think will be a successful year.
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