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  1. Hallsville fumbled four times. So the two non-horrible fumbles were good? Hallsville would not have made it out of Lancaster's district. They had one WR, and a running QB that was not accurate. If the game is not played in hurricane wind, Lancaster beats them by 30. Marshall in my opinion was WOWed by Jerry's World. The secondary looked like they had never seen a QB throw it farther than 20 yards. Plus they were a one trick pony, only being able to run the ball. Come on man, it's the 3rd round "Aint No Turkey's Playing After Thanksgiving"!! With that said, It would have been a better game if
  2. Personal fouls (obvious) lol. 1 was a facemask, the other was a verbal come back from being called the called the N word (no discipline there) . We survived the ghost penalty that called back the TD you forgot to mention.....and it sure was very disciplined for your ball carriers to carry the ball like a loaf of bread. Enjoy basketball season, hopefully you don't have to play anybody outside of east Texas.
  3. So is Lancaster the only team with athletes? Or is it that our athletes just aren't disciplined because they are not coached by East Texas good ol boy coaches? Our team looks just like the best teams that come out of East Texas, the only difference is the coaching staff looks a little bit different than most of the staffs down there. 230 & 240 on the edges, with 270 & 300 in the middle of the defense, and 4 D1 WRs will make the game real interesting. Now sleep on that, and we'll see you Saturday.
  4. You do remember Lancaster's athletes have beat the athletes of John Tyler by not being easy to frustrate, or by making a ton of momentum changing mistakes.
  5. I certainly see that you THINK you know everything about the Lancaster Tigers. FYI Lancaster lost only one of the two ends that totaled 6 sacks on the Lions that Friday in which you insist you were cheated. 6 starters return on a defense that held JT to under 100 yds rushing. I'm just wondering how in the world do you go to the 4A state championship game with no discipline and no coaching. ALSO who gives a damn that Coach Holmes has circled that date!! We're going to see how he coaches without a ready made team. A team that HE has to train, mold and put together......Now let me tell you what I
  6. Kilgore will have their hands full. Lancaster runs the pistol/spread offense. What the article someone previously posted did not say is that Lancaster has THREE quarterbacks. Their third string QB is a sophomore that led them to the play-offs last year after the starter was hurt early in the season. Someone said earlier said that Kilgores secondary is not that great. Well I'm sorry to say that means trouble when you have two possibly three D-I WRs. Lancaster has speed. They have won state the last 4 years in a row, and most of those kids play football. Lancaster will score points as they avg.
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