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  1. Thank you! And yes, Cole is verbally committed to Arkansas. Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Thanks to all of our DOD friends for the epic battles the past 4 years! Glad we finally brought one back to Argyle. Go Eagles! Merry Christmas everyone.
  3. I know what play you're talking about and I completely agree! The only thing is that it was actually a running into the kicker penalty which was for 5 yards. I think coach Rodgers just didn't realize that it was 4th and 4 and that the penalty would have given them the first down. I was shocked by that as well. Here are some articles from last night's Argyle Eagles victory! http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports-headlines/20131220-football-sadlers-performance-was-second-to-none.ece http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports-headlines/20131220-football-argyle-holds-off-fairfield-to-win-first-state-title.ece http://lonestargridiron.com/2013/12/20/argyle-rallies-behind-sadler-and-late-defensive-stop-to-win-thriller-against-fairfield/
  4. That was such an incredible game. Sadler and Rose were just beastly. I am a very proud alum. Congratulations to Fairfield on a great season. I did not think another 3A team in the state could keep up with Argyle but I was wrong, FF came to play and had me very nervous. Go ARGYLE!
  5. Here is a preview of each of Argyle's wins this season: http://issuu.com/lmcbride/docs/high_school_highlights?e=1568302/6084864 Here is a preview of the FF-Argyle game: http://issuu.com/lmcbride/docs/high_school_gameday?e=1568302/6084858
  6. Today is the day. Unfortunately, I have to work and will not be able to attend the game. I am confident that Argyle will take this game. Go Argyle Eagles!
  7. From Dave Campbell's High School Special... 3A Division II State Championship Argyle (15-0) vs. Fairfield (15-0) 4 p.m. Friday at AT&T Stadium I’ll be honest with you: I have exactly no feel for this game. None. You could come up to me right now and say, “I’m from the future, and Argyle won this game by 40” and I’d believe you. Or you could say “Fairfield won by 40” and I’d believe you. Or “it ended in a tie” and I’d believe you. Like I said: no feel. Here’s what we do know: Argyle is super-good. They’ve got playmakers on both sides of the ball, but none more exciting than Ian Sadler, the RB/WR/DB whom the Eagles will try to get the ball in any kind of way. He’s hardly the only weapon – RB Nick Ralston has been money in the playoffs, and QB Blake Boyzuick has been tremendous – but he’s the gamebreaker. And, of course, there’s the defense, who smothered Graham’s powerful attack last week. So there’s that. And where’s what we know about Fairfield: They’ve been awesome. The Eagles have already set the 3A scoring record behind RB Larry Rose and QB Jacob Gallegos, but most impressive about them is their offensive line, which has pushed people around all year. Oh, and the defense is suffocating, between DE Dedrick Garner, Devin Eggins and Jeremiah Simpson. What gives? Here’s the thing about this game (I think, because remember: I have no feel for this game): we know Argyle is really good – they’ve beaten Gilmer, Celina, Graham and other big-time teams. We’re pretty darn sure Fairfield is really good – they did beat Navasota, after all – but they maybe haven’t run the gauntlet that Argyle has. And in a game that again I have no feel for, I lean toward the devil I know. One thing to remember: Argyle has one of the best kickers in the country in Cole Hedlund, and indoors, he could be a huge game-changer. Of course, if you have a time machine, go there and tell me what happens. It’ll help me with this game. Tepper’s pick: Argyle 38, Fairfield 35
  8. Here is an article on Argyle Junior RB, Nick Ralston: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/high-schools/high-school-football-headlines/20131218-football-argyle-record-setting-ralston-get-another-shot-at-title.ece Go Argyle Eagles!
  9. Seriously. Something is going on with this poll. FF isn't ready for what is going to happen on Friday. People that are questioning this team's heart obviously have not been around this team. Don't mistake taking care of business and focusing on the big goal in sight with no heart or caring.
  10. And you don't think Argyle did the same thing? Playing backups for most of the second half all season.
  11. How about some reasoning behind your prediction of 42-24? Check out the numbers that were posted on the first page. No way Argyle gets blown out. They could get beat, but it won't be a blow out like that.
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