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  1. My head says Argyle but heart says Paris. As I grew up in that area, I would love for a team from the area to win state.
  2. Wow! Almost 20 yards a carry! Anyone know what the single game rushing record is? That must be close or is a record.
  3. 35-14 China Spring at halftime according to the Texas Football website.
  4. Though it pains me to say it, I'll be rooting for you guys. Would love someone from our area to win or at least go deep into playoffs. I don't know if your or Supermaroon ever watch Dave Campbell's Texas Football videos on YouTube. They came up with a list of the top 100 teams, players, and rivalries to celebrate 100 years of high school football. They've released a video each week revealing ten of each. Last week, the video showed Cooper vs. Honey Grove as one of the top 100 rivalries. Not much to the videos, they mainly just read out the names. They don't go into much depth on anyth
  5. Texas Football shows Melissa losing to Stephenville 51-44 in the 3rd quarter. Paris beat Midlothian Heritage 28-14.
  6. I'm happy we won but curious about one thing. Does anyone know if this was the first time Honey Grove and Tenaha have played each other? My guess would be yes. Anyway, safe travels home and good luck next week and the rest of the season.
  7. That's okay. Just learn from them next week!
  8. Thanks Grayghost. I thought that was probably the case but you never know. Now I wonder who if anyone cancelled on Honey Grove so they had this week free. No matter, glad it worked out for both teams.
  9. Agree. Hoping we can have a full season.
  10. How in the world did this game get scheduled? Was it done before the pandemic or a result of the pandemic and needing to fill a game? I'm quite surprised to see this matchup. I think you can tell from my name who I will be cheering for. No matter the result, hope all the players, coaches, and fans who made the trip to HG have a safe trip back home.
  11. I can't imagine how we'd react as a species/society if this were to reach the levels of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.
  12. How long do you think before you think a vaccine will be available? I read an article Tuesday that said one likely wouldn't be ready for another 18 months. Even that time frame was considered extremely fast and if testing went without any issues. Society has become stupid. As you said, we have to relearn this lesson every year.
  13. Gotcha now. Dallas mayor announced during the news conference the city council would be meet to discuss mitigation measures for those affected today. How will you accomplish this? This wasn't something anyone planned for. You have no money at any level of government - local, state, or federal to compensate those who've lost income. There is no reason for stores to be out of items when you can put everyone infected on one bus out of a state population of almost 30 million. My opinion, and mine only, is we as a society have come to expect the world to be risk free. When something comes al
  14. I don't think most businesses that shut down are going to pay their employees. When I got home from work this afternoon, the news was reporting all night clubs, bars, entertainment centers, and gyms will be closed in Dallas. I'd bet that those employees aren't going to be paid for not working. This morning I heard the CDC recommended all restaurants close for the next eight weeks. If that is your only source of income then I doubt you are going to survive two months without pay. Even if it isn't, I'd bet it will create a financial strain on many people. This outbreak is a lose/lose situat
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