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  1. I can't imagine how we'd react as a species/society if this were to reach the levels of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.
  2. How long do you think before you think a vaccine will be available? I read an article Tuesday that said one likely wouldn't be ready for another 18 months. Even that time frame was considered extremely fast and if testing went without any issues. Society has become stupid. As you said, we have to relearn this lesson every year.
  3. Gotcha now. Dallas mayor announced during the news conference the city council would be meet to discuss mitigation measures for those affected today. How will you accomplish this? This wasn't something anyone planned for. You have no money at any level of government - local, state, or federal to compensate those who've lost income. There is no reason for stores to be out of items when you can put everyone infected on one bus out of a state population of almost 30 million. My opinion, and mine only, is we as a society have come to expect the world to be risk free. When something comes along, we panic and overreact.
  4. I don't think most businesses that shut down are going to pay their employees. When I got home from work this afternoon, the news was reporting all night clubs, bars, entertainment centers, and gyms will be closed in Dallas. I'd bet that those employees aren't going to be paid for not working. This morning I heard the CDC recommended all restaurants close for the next eight weeks. If that is your only source of income then I doubt you are going to survive two months without pay. Even if it isn't, I'd bet it will create a financial strain on many people. This outbreak is a lose/lose situation regardless of what action is taken.
  5. Paris upset #2 Carter so still a chance even if remote in 4A. Another tall task in the regional final against #3 Oak Cliff Faith Family.
  6. I've already done this for football and decided to do it for Boys and Girls Basketball. This shows only the team's record in a state championship game not their state tourney record. This is the girls list. Multiple posts as it is a long list.
  7. Some other DCTF rankings. It includes a few ET teams. You can find these from their channel on YT. Team of the Year 6A: Galena Park North Shore 5A: Pflugerville Weiss 4A: Carthage 3A: Pottsboro 2A: Hamlin 1A: Blackwell Top Offenses 10. Highland Park - 52.6 9. San Saba - 53.0 8. Red Oak - 53.3 7. Midland Lee - 53.6 6. Corpus Christi Miller - 54.1 5. McKinney North - 54.1 4. Shiner - 55.6 3. Panhandle - 55.7 2. San Augustine - 57.6 1. Humble Atasocita - 57.7 Top Defenses 10. Duncanville - 9.8 9. Lindsay - 9.7 8. Alto - 9.2 7. Austin Westlake - 9.0 6. Ralls - 8.5 5. Austin LBJ - 8.5 4. East Bernard - 8.5 3. Cy-Fair - 8.0 2. San Saba - 7.0 1. Diboll - 5.0
  8. It is explained in the video. Essentially, it gives you two years either before or after an exceptional class should you be fortunate enough to have one.
  9. This posted on YouTube today. A look into the six year program rankings. You have to be a DCTF insider to see the list but they mention the top 10 in the video. I remember Aledo #1, Refugion #3, Carthage #8, and WOS #10. For those curious, last was Quitman.
  10. In looking through the UIL archives while compiling the records of the teams that have made it to a state championship, Aledo is four points away from being 11-0. Both of their losses were by a single point.
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