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  1. Yeah I ended up seeing that right after I had posted that. Oops....!
  2. I wonder why Kilgore only played 4 games in the tournament and it looks as if everyone else played 5 games.
  3. Yeah Kilgore is definitely gonna have to establish another pitcher behind Hampton. They have one in Johnson he pitched really well last season. Hampton finally pitched against Denison and he was dominant he pitched 5 innings had 13 k's, gave up 3 hits and 1 walk. Kilgore had 3 errors against Denison in which they cost Kilgore a run.
  4. Kilgore opened the Whitehouse tournament with 2 wins today Huntington 4 Kilgore 6 Gm 2 Longview 3 Kilgore 6 Hampton has yet to pitch in the first 3 gms don't know why. Kilgore will battle Denison tomorrow night
  5. That will help a lot I heard Sabine looked good.
  6. Congrats to Sabine they absolutely proved me wrong but I thought Hampton was going to pitch. Heard coach Lafitte was trying some different things out that obviously didn't work out. But hey I'm gonna look at it just like last season Kilgore lost their first gm to LE and they only finished with 5 wins all year and we know how Kilgore finished. So hopefully Kilgore will get it going pretty quick.
  7. Well said. I'm just super excited for this season to get started we are hoping for good things to continue on the baseball field like last year. Hopefully they pickup where they left off last year.
  8. Well Sabine will be the first victim for Kilgore's ace pitcher Hampton. Everyone thought he was good last year wait until they see him for his senior season. The young man is absolutely remarkable he definitely got better with all his pitching mechanics. He can sling the fire out of that ball!!
  9. Final Pitt 1 Spring Hill 2 Final Marshall 2 Carthage 11 Final Rusk 1 Bullard 14 Didn't see Bullard doing that to Rusk
  10. Don't have to prove nothing your just an outside hater. Adkins was the CF player, and they return their top 2 pitchers
  11. Wrong CF didn't graduate they RETURN 6 STARTERS and their top 2 pitchers from last season
  12. Good Luck C-Dawgs Will be rooting for ya'll
  13. This game won't even be close. Carthage could start their jv against Crandall and still win by 30 plus. Good luck Carthage ya'll and Palestine could be meeting for the region final. Now that Kilgore and Longview are out on too rooting for the district mate. Carthage will look at Crandall and say how in the world did this team beat Kilgore and our response will be 6 turnovers is what cost Kilgore that game 2 fumbles inside Crandall's 10 and another fumble and interception inside Crandall's 20 and a turnover on downs inside Crandall's 30. Hahaha... that's how
  14. Welp I'm hopping on the LOBOS bandwagon for the remainder of the playoffs since my team checked out in Bi-district. So I will not attend this beat down Longview is fixing to hand out I will start spending my gas money next week when the teams start getting better and actually give Longview a good matchup. Jesuit 14 Longview 56
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