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  1. Longview has their work cut out for them the rest of the way just as long as there are no crazy upsets. Lancaster next, then probably Denton Ryan, then Highland Park again. Gonna be tough let's see if they can get on a row......
  2. Final stats Lindale 290 rushing 190 passing Kilgore 160 rushing 385 passing
  3. Well first I will say I was just thankful we even had a 2020 football season to begin with. Next I never expected Kilgore to still be playing in December there is nothing to hang their heads about it was a great year they just ran into a better team tonight. Also Kilgore just made to many mistakes and had missed opportunities something you can't have against a good team like Lindale. So go give them Hell Lindale I will be rooting for you guys next week go make district 9 proud you guys deserve it.
  4. Does this TCU44 know something that know else knows? Or is he just trying to ruffle some peoples feathers
  5. Absolutely it's crazy with all the support that East Tx fans give out during the playoffs to one another. It's pretty amazing when you see people in the stands from another community rooting and cheering your team on. I have been to a few myself a few Carthage games, Longview games and if it happens to be Lindale this year I will do the same for them.
  6. Wow just sad they need to punish them with the highest punishment allowable. They need to set an example so this never happens again.
  7. It's GAME DAY everyone.... Hope everyone has a safe trip to the game. Let's show up and get super LOUD for our teams good luck to both teams. LET'S GO DOGS IT'S ALMOST TIME TO EAT!!
  8. Yeah that was a mess at some point they were even trying to get Kilgore to just flip a coin and the coin flip winner would advance. Coach Vallery said no way in He double hockey sticks he was flipping a coin.
  9. Yes sir indeed it's going to be a knockout, drag out, battle on the football field.
  10. And not to mention the leading tackler for Kilgore was injured in the 3rd qtr and never returned. Not to mention the other 2 defensive starters that didn't play if a Defense loses 3 very good important starters there is probably going to be a few hiccups and happening. Kilgore D was dominating Hargrave they finally got into the endzone with 5 or 6 minutes to go in the 4th qtr.
  11. At the end of the day and when the clock hits 0:00 and whoever wins if it's Lindale then I would tip my hat to the better team and congratulate them. I have nothing but respect for Lindale they are finally getting to showcase their talent on the big stage. These two teams are just about identical to one another and I feel whoever wins and moves on would have no problem in representing for a East Tx team. Lindale/Kilgore definitely has the talent and team to win it all.
  12. Hahaha.. Yeah I saw that after I had already sent it. But I guess you knew what I was saying but thanks for the spelling bee teachable moment
  13. And this will make it that much sweeter for us. I hope you don't have to hear something like " tried telling you " Let's see if Lindale can respond to a bone chilling hit in real cold weather. It's all fun and games until you get popped in the mouth one good time.
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