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  1. An ex Kilgore stud player and went on to play at Notre Dame I hear is getting some strong consideration for the job.
  2. Yeah don't know what's going on but Kilgore is playing very inconsistent right now. Kilgore is a good team I don't know what in the world was going on with them to be losing to Henderson. All I will say Is they better wake up and shake that one off quick.
  3. With Kilgore having to share the field with Kilgore college is what's hurting the facelift is what I've been told.
  4. You just don't realize what you had until it's gone. Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way though... GREED is a bad ordeal if a coach was to average 12 or 13 wins a year sometimes an organization will go out of the way to get that next coach who can average 13 or 14 wins they need that ONE more win attitude. And sometimes a consistent and great leader for teenage kids is overlooked and not to mention the coach year in and year out keeps his team competitive the best they can with the tools they are given each year.
  5. Kinda stinks district 15 and 16 will battle rd 1 district 16 has 3 very good teams in Bullard, Kilgore, and Spring Hill. Whoever gets second place in district 15 will have to play a good Kilgore or Spring Hill squad. Bullard is going to finish first. Going to be interesting to say the least
  6. I don't think any top coaches will be applying knowing they would still be reporting to Woody. I don't think the pay is worth the headache especially if your not calling the shots in Kilgore. They need to figure out how to clone coach Mike Vallery and Kilgore will have their Surratt again. Even what ANTI said is not a bad way to go either now that a certain coach is gone from Kilgore it just might intrigue little Val.
  7. After seeing the Bullard and Kilgore stats from their first game Bullard's Smith actually didn't have a no hitter. J. Thompson for Kilgore singled in the 5th.
  8. He threw a no hitter against Kilgore also I think the young man has 3 or 4 this year. He is definitely the real deal plus some.
  9. Palestine and Kilgore always have to play one another round 3. That's too early for one of the top teams to go home.
  10. That young man is the real deal he is as advertised plus some.
  11. Gonna have Bullard, Spring Hill, and Kilgore battling for the 16 4a district all three teams are pretty good. So far..... Bullard 7-5 Spring Hill 10-2 Kilgore 8-2 All three have played some good teams going to be interesting to see who beats who. Bullard and Kilgore will square off next week to get it started.
  12. In East Tx / Metroplex area in 4a has to be Kilgore and Palestine. The only teams they could struggle to will be those El Paso teams they are always strong
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