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  1. I guess Nac has had inferior coaching for the last 60 years. Thank goodness Alman is here to save them.
  2. Nac had 8 or so starters on offense and 6 on defense with a hand of others that contributed last year on a so so season of 5-5. I would have thought this would have been the year for them to contend, even with a new staff. But winning only 2 games doesn't bode well. Defense should be good next year with so many players with 2 years experience returning, but offense will be much weaker, after losing almost entire o-line, QB, and best 2 receivers. J.V. was winless and 9th won only a few games. Could be in for a tough couple of years.
  3. Will be a tough go for bottom three teams in 9-5A. The district is not as solid as last year.
  4. Nacogdoches High is taking resumes for a Head Volleyball Coach. Please send your resume to [email protected], or contact him at 936-564-2466 ext. 2854
  5. Nacogdoches High is looking for a Head Volleyball Coach. Please contact [email protected] with your resume.
  6. Nacogdoches High has a position opening for a Varsity receiver and assistant baseball job teaching either science or Composite social studies. Contact Bobby Reyes at [email protected]
  7. Nacogdoches High has openings for Head Volleyball and Head softball positions. If you are interested in either position, call Farshid Niroumand at 936-564-2466 ext. 2864
  8. Defensive line opening at Nacogdoches High. e-mail resume to Bobby Reyes at [email protected]
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