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  1. No.... NL Freshmen beat Princeton last week. I was there watching my friends kid who plays for NL. NL won 27-12.
  2. +1. C'ville will still be pretty young with several Soph's in the starting line-up. The future is bright.
  3. North Lamar showed up, they played their hearts out and got the Win. Give them credit instead of only wondering why and how Princeton lost.
  4. I looked for it last night so I could set my DVR to record the games during the day due to me having to work and the channel still doesn't have them. Does any body have an update on this? I have DIRECTV and I remember in '12 that Direct was not going to show the games on FSSW. Only Dish, Time Warner and Suddenlink showed them that year.
  5. 73, I was just about to write something about Coach on here. He is a legend not only in the Clarksville community, but all over Texas and Louisiana. Not only for basketball, but for the way he treated and took care of his athletes and students both. Whether it was teaching the game on the court, teaching Math in the classroom or taking his players to church he was a great man. He put Clarksville on the map and that has not fallen off and I doubt for a long, long time that it will. He made us all better people and for that we are grateful to him. Driving through Clarksville today there was just
  6. +1. This was a big time game. Coaches, players and fans should have been notified of what happened and what didn't happen.
  7. +100. Very well said 91. Our Freshman grew up quickly this year and they got better each week. I'm glad that they got to play a few rounds in the playoffs to get tested by the pressure and atmosphere to know what it will be like in the future. Tiger Basketball will be fine as always. A lot of people around here think C'ville should be in Austin every year and that's not going to happen. Being in such a small school we are not Senior heavy year in and year out. We have to take our knocks from time to time with youth, but it seems every time we have several Freshmen starting we wind up in Austin
  8. +1. I noticed that also and I was thinking the exact same thing.
  9. ONLY 2?? How many state basketball titles are sitting in your schools trophy case? Clarksville is sitting at 3 at this moment along with a total of 8 trips down to Austin with all of them being in the last 25 years. It's a tradition type of thing here.
  10. +100! Awesome words right there! He's done a great job with our youth! Would take him any day of the week!
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