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  1. Our girls won District this year and are moving on to round 4 of the playoffs this week!
  2. Just FYI - Coach Mercer is going to Pflugerville, not Hutto.
  3. Yes, he was offered a position with East Texas Charter School. Will he working with his dad. Something he just couldn't pass up.
  4. Spring Hill wins 10-4 over Bullard!
  5. Spring Hill plays Rains @ Hawkins, 8:00 p.m.
  6. They are part of the Waco Robinson Tournament that started on Thurs. They won all three of their game. Don't play today, but resume wth bracket play on Saturday. There are 28 teams in this tournament.
  7. All true- expecially that part about the secretary! Thanks coach!
  8. Rained out. Will try again tomorrow in Canton, 5 p.m.
  9. Here's the link. If it doesn't work. Go to www.springhill.esc7.net, click on high school, then athletics, scroll down to the audiosports on line football link. The baseball game uses the same link. http://www.audiosportsonline.net/2011Fall/SpringHill.htm GO PANTHERS!
  10. He hasn't even meet with the staff yet.
  11. I wholeheartedly believe this is still a great school. Our academics, music and athletic programs do well every year. We were district champs in UIL Academics, had Sweepstakes Band and lead over all in the sports competition. It's not all about football. Our kids work hard at everything. It's not just handed to them. It is what it is as far as cuts and we are dealing with it the best we can.
  12. It's called state funding cuts, and they hit SH hard. We don't have the tax base of a lot of businesses, just houses. You can only squeeze so many people into 9.12 sqare miles. There is no "extra" money in the budget. A town hall meeting will be held soon to hear from the residents on ways to increase revenue for the district, i.e. allowing transfers (for a fee) or raising taxes. We will see what happens.
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