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  1. Spring Hill lost 5 to 3, game 2 tomorrow.
  2. I have heard alot of good things about coach Sartain and hope for good things to come for Spring Hill.
  3. It would be nice for Spring Hill to get a coach that is good for the program and the kids but with the current Sup, that will be next to impossible. I have lived in Spring Hill all my life and over the past years the support from the Sup is non-existant for the teachers,coaches, and the public. Anytime there is any type of issue at or with the school, it is like a big secret. Nobody knows what is going on at Spring Hill including the Sup. Until he is gone, I feel like the schools programs will continue on a downward spiral. The ones that will suffer the most are the kids, which is the sad
  4. All I can say is that this discussion will be settled on the field Friday night. Good luck to both teams and may the better team win.
  5. We know you are not Gladewater and we know you are not the Chapel Hill of years past either!! Go Panthers.
  6. Spring Hill will have to find a way to stop all of the turnovers or it will be another long night. Good luck to both teams!!
  7. Spring Hill Panthers- 3 Pleasant Grove- 0 Good game by both teams!
  8. Which end of the Pleasant Grove stadium is for visitors north or south? Planning on coming up Friday night to watch the Panthers.
  9. Crandal 6 SH 4 final. Even with SH getting beat it was still a good season. Good job this season Panthers and Coach Hector!
  10. One of the best baseball games I have seen in awhile. Both teams never gave up. Congrats Panthers and Coach Hector, jobs well done. Keep it going!!!
  11. Talyn and he is a senior. Good job Panthers and Coach Hector.
  12. I agree with you 100 percent!!! Not only do we need changes with the school board, I believe we need a change at the Superintendent postion.
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