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  1. If Longview can rebound from some of their issues on and off the field with a win here that would be huge. I think both teams are athletic but my pick is still Longview. I'm not sure what some of the issues for them are but I'd give it to their Rb and figure it out later.
  2. I'm surprised that pt and mp look so bad. I thought their new coaches might do better than what it looks like now. Is the issue not having athletes?
  3. Wow didn't realize it was 4! Can you imagine if they beat a district opponent like mp or pt? Greenville would be on top of the world.
  4. Storylines going into this week- Rise of hallsville - from barely making playoffs to possible 2-3 finish. Marshall - could this be the year Marshall beats Longview? How good are they? Questions for Longview - discipline problems, issues on field, and preseason hype are not a good combination. THIGH and Sulpher- continue marching on despite some issues for THIGH with conditioning and understanding. Sulpher still no defense. mp and pt - 6A Austin and Metroplex coaches struggle in first year. Might be a long season. Greenville - First win in two years and possibly maki
  5. New rankings after week 0: 1. Longview 2. Hallsville 3. Texas High 4. Marshall 5. Sulpher Springs 6. Pine Tree 7. Greenville 8. Mp
  6. New rankings after week 0: 1. Longview 2. Hallsville 3. Texas High 4. Marshall 5. Sulpher Springs 6. Pine Tree 7. Greenville 8. Mp
  7. I dont understand how mp lost to paris so badly. LE wins.
  8. What is Hallsville doing? I'm shocked at their success with Carthage. How can they go from last year to beating Carthage this year with less? Great job to them tho.
  9. Problems: 1. Tackling - I don't know about why the Tigers cant tackle or what the reasons are for the poor defense and I don't care. This was the worst defensive game I've seen in a while from the Tigers. Couldn't wrap up and were dropped left and right. Horrible. Won't be stepping into 2nd place like this. 2. Condition - We were done after the first half. Seemed like kids were tired and exhausted. Might have contributed to poor play. 3. Lining up - Seems like the things we are accustomed to such as discipline and getting in and out of the game where totally off. Must improve
  10. it will be interesting to see how they respond....it would be tough to keep the team high with another big loss.
  11. apologies beforehand for hallsville. will be rough
  12. thats my thinking too. it will be a long year in that district.
  13. i hope so im interested to see marshall. they could be a huge sleeper
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