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  1. From my understanding, NFHS and Texan Live are one in the same. Texan Live is a subsidiary of NFHS. Texan Live does all Beaumont West Brook games. They would not have to pay Longview any money but they would have to have permission by Longview ISD to do the game. Longview has it's own video broadcast according to the first post in this thread.
  2. Going off of Maxpreps is not a good idea. I was in attendance of the WB/Episcopal game. 56-10 was the final.
  3. West Brook beat Episcopal 56-10, not 49-10. Also, setxsports and Texan Live broadcast West Brook games.
  4. I thought this district was SA's to rule?? Obviously not. I see them losing to Timpson as well.
  5. Seems that way. Trying to play 11 man football with just 11 players is simply not being responsible. Adults sometimes have to make the responsible decisions for children no matter how unpopular it will be. Reading that other site down south someone posted that WH tried to have a practice yesterday and only had 8 players.
  6. 2 threads for this game from the same poster.
  7. Are you saying that WH will play 11 players both ways for an entire game, including special teams? That's not too responsible if you ask me. Might want to forfeit a game or two until things turn around.
  8. Went to this game. PG led 13-0 at the half. Hawks got the ball to start 3rd and went 3 and out. Silsbee scored to make it 13-7 with about 8 minutes left in 3rd. Next PG possession Silsbee forced the Hawks into a 3rd and 19 but PG caught Silsbee napping in the secondary and hit a 84 yard TD pass. Ensuing kickoff Silsbee fumbled, PG recovered around the 25. 4 plays later PG scores making it 26-7. Went from Silsbee with the momentum and down just a score to a 3 TD deficit in about 3 minutes of game clock. Kind of snowballed from there. Silsbee defense played tough but was just on the field much t
  9. Plan on attending this game. Any recommendations for pre game meal in Carthage or surrounding area?
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