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  1. The two guys that did the basketball state championship games for NFHS were two guys who broadcast for Texan Live. The color guy was actually the owner of Texan Live, Bert Brocker.
  2. How does Dallas ISD even have a school in the 3A classification? That's a head scratcher.
  3. From reading the site down south, they have a very good guard in Harvey. I believe H-H has been ranked top 15 all year. Only loss to Hardin-Jefferson.
  4. May have in Region II. They have not made Region III tourney the last several years. I have been to the last 10 or so Region III tourneys and don't recall them being there.
  5. Just saw where they are in triple overtime with La Vega. 61-61
  6. Noticed there is not any talk of Carthage basketball on here. Dawgs are in the the 3rd round of playoffs. What's up?
  7. All I know is that I did a search of your username on that site and not one time in the last several months were mentioned in any post made by the person you are talking about here. Just saying.
  8. My experience with messageboards and it's admins is that you will get some good with the bad. I visit that other site from time to time (look at PN-G stuff, got family there) and from what I see those guys do a fair job of running that board. Each site has it's own set of rules. Just comes with the territory I guess. Also, IMO, if you are talking about someone from another site, then it's likely they are in your head more than you are them.
  9. Be interested to see some of these comments.
  10. I would support the ban being put back in place.
  11. That's the feel I get too. Most schools want the ban on Friday night.
  12. So DCTF is now the owner of Texan Live? Is Bert Brocker an employee of DCTF now?
  13. And what's the feel or word about next season? UIL going to waive the ban again on Friday night's or go back to it?
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