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  1. Then someone tell me what the Spread is from Surratt if not the spread offense. Thanks
  2. But what does learning the spread from Surratt have to do with the question of "did he bring any discipline with him"? Honestly hope that is not coming across as a smart _ _ _ as i am not intending it that way, just curious about the discipline question.. and am not trying to dog on Daingerfield about discipline, just curious on the question. Thanks
  3. I agree, but at some point you see a pattern with scheduling. Killing yourself and not winning a non dist game, then a soft dist schedule that gives you a false sense of reality. Or play maybe 1 stud non district game, 2-3 winnable non district games. Go into district not as beat up, mentally and physically, then build momentum to the playoffs.
  4. About 20K less. Mathis was paid that, but they didnt give Griedl a unproven 31 year old that salary. Still good money for his age and exp.and I agree he is a heck of a young coach. Keeping him will be hard as he has trained under big programs and has that goal. If he continues at the pace I expect, if Marshall can keep him 3-4 more years, I think that will be great.
  5. The first part is correct, but he didnt make Marshall better. They were about the same under Harper. Harper 3-8, 7-5,11-2, 6-5..Mathis 6-5,10-3. Harper is the one that pulled the program from the abyss that Richter left it in 2-8,1-9. Fortunately we have one of the worst Districts in 5A D2 so Marshall has won 25 straight District games, since 5A went to split divisions and Marshall got in D2 they are 25-5 in district. Texas High is back in the District so that is the last time Marshall lost a Dist game back in 2016, so that is the only bump in the Dist. Non district those sam
  6. If you are going to change the names of the schools ( really they didn't as they left the Tyler name in both) you have to change the name of the city. IF you are going to do what the woke people tell you to do. If you don't change the name of the city, it proves it is exactly what it is. A bunch of ####
  7. EF scrimmage #1 a 3 team scrimmage with Troup and Sabine, in Troup scrimmage #2 Jefferson in EF
  8. EF has Harmony, Joaquin and Winona for sure. Not sure the 4th non dist.
  9. Of course we will see if anyone has injuries before the game, but right now I would pick EF by 21+
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