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    So what. We sucked all year except that game. Without cristian Olague they wouldn't have won. UT Tyler is gettin a good one!!! Congrats Cristian
  2. Ref stopped the game in the second half and players from both teams wanted to continue. Costa rica lost and now want to cry about it
  3. Henderson lost to Jt. 5-0
  4. Henderson alumni scores Guys. Alumni won 9-1 Girls. Alumni won 8-1
  5. Daniel will be holding a soccer camp sept 6-8th @ Lindsey park. You can visit hernandezsoccer.com for details
  6. All the players were from Tyler. The coach picked them.
  7. I would like to know who picked the players. All the respect for Chuy ledesma but most of the players are from Tyler.
  8. Hopefully he finds a team. He is a great person
  9. Is drew Coleman still with the jaguars? Henderson daily news reported that he was cut last month.
  10. I 2 will have to raise the BS flag on this!!
  11. Israel is a great player also. You are right Jr is a overall better player than cristian. Cristian is just a better finisher.
  12. Cristian Olague had 31 goals this year and missed 4 games due to injury
  13. I know I would. How about everyone else?
  14. Smokey how about creating an all smokey. Com for soccer?
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