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  1. Exactly my point, let's run off a coach who has a World Series ring. He doesn't know the game very well. LOL
  2. Rey Sifuentes Jr. and now Randy, as we lost a couple of good ones.
  3. My point is he's the only one who has ever won there and has for the most part done so for 17 years. You don't stay ANYWHERE for 17 years unless you've done something right. I was also trying to make the point of how he made the playoffs as a 4A school with basically 3A numbers. They were one of the smallest 4As in the state, and they held their own against Wylie for two straight seasons. Finally got over the hump and won the first playoff game in school history against Hallsville. Parents ready for a winner? What more do they really expect, as again, this isn't a program with a ton of history
  4. Yeah, and he's so on the fence with it all, as it's so evident in the title of this thread. Rick Perry did so great with Texas and was so much better than Ann Richards. Yeah, bring her dead bones back to life and run her against Perry or Abbott, and she would win. LOL Gotta like those good ol' libs who do nothing but lie, while the gop is all on the straight and narrow. Kirt, you'd fit in well at Fox News.
  5. I would gladly want my son playing for Tommy Felty, and anyone who doesn't is upset Johnny is playing enough or simply wants to put their nose in where it doesn't belong. The man has been there for 17 years and has done things no one ever has at NLHS. He brought them their first playoff win in school history and competed at the Class 4A level with basically 3A numbers. The guy is a winner.
  6. Yeah, the knock on Union Grove was inappropriate, great story on you guys making it in after 45 years. Best of luck to you.
  7. A&M might lose games with McCarron at quarterback, but it would be because of the lack of defense the same way as Football so it's a moot point. Typer Woods, I vote you worry about your own posts and I'll type the way I want to, and in the meantime learn about the subject you're discussing a little better as well. That was a funny post, though, as I agree with Mav. It's about as funny as A&M beat Missouri, and they haven't even played yet. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, who do you guys think would go if Petty didn't? I'm assuming Winston, Manziel, McCarron and Petty now, but if no
  8. B/c like sawmeoff said, he hasn't played anyone and was average in the one game he played against a decent team in Oklahoma.
  9. Let's clear this up a bit shall we? I get Winston, and his big game against Clemson puts him at the top of the list, but what I can't begin to understand is how Bryce Petty is put on top of a pedestal with video game numbers against the sisters of the poor. He didn't have so great of an outing against Oklahoma, the only team the Bears have played to this point. McCarron could do the same thing against the same schedule and you can't compare his numbers when Alabama is a run first offense, but take this one thing into consideration. If you took AJ McCarron away from Alabama right now, does the
  10. Respectfully disagree, as a couple of posters on here need to eat it, and a lot of it.
  11. Tatum, I'm not a fan of either one of these teams, but why don't you worry about your own team and let Waskom do what it wants. All the garbage they've had to hear the last two weeks about how they weren't in Hughes Springs' league and you don't want them to get excited. I think Wildcat fans are being rather tame and respectful, b/c if the shoe was on the other foot, I can guarantee you the Hughes Springs fans would be loud and continuing to toot their own horns. They're not in your league either, we get it Tatum.
  12. Lobo, with all due respect to Mavgrad99, ask him how good Ole Miss is before you go saying having the Rebels on the schedule isn't dangerous year in and year out. Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Ole Miss alone are four tough weeks for the Aggies not to mention when they play Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri and Florida (on most occasions) during the rotation. Don't talk to me about just this year if you're going to talk about the norm. Yeah, don't forget Texas drove out Missouri too and lost some of its bragging rights when it comes to the Big 12's academic success. You can't tell us with a straight
  13. Since we're keeping this civil, b/c I know we are outside of these threads, I can't keep you two guys together when these threads are going 45 pages and I don't remember which one of you I talked to from one day to the next. That said, You call yourself a fan? You have to go to this one!
  14. Yes, b/c I'm sure you're a Harvard graduate 1988, and I don't actually have a dog in this fight. Just get a good laugh out of reading your posts. I'm a goober, you're a peanut head, unfortunately sounds like we have something in common. You do have one up on me in how you'll be at this game.
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