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  1. Glad someone knows whats going on??
  2. Okay.... thats not what I have heard. They were only interviewing 4. They were going to offer it by tomorrow morning. I guess we'll see tomorrow
  3. Final interviews were yesterday. They ar e going to the board tomorrow. Looks like they have their man
  4. WOW.... didn't see tha coming. I don't know him but is that the best fit. Don't think they played Kilgore or Gilmer at Tyler Grace
  5. A Who is going back next week? Have they made the calls yet??
  6. Heard they are bringing 3 back on Monday for a final interview. Board meeting scheduled for next Friday to hire new coach. Just wondering who got an interview???
  7. Okay... interview finished up this morning. Any names being thrown around? Are they looking for a guy with HC experience or is it open for the best fit? Lets hear some names.....
  8. Is there anyone on the current staff that may have a chance?
  9. Any names coming out for this one?? If interviews start next week surely calls have been made so someone has to know something
  10. Whats the problem there?? Would this not be a good job? very tough district but what else besides that? Just curious
  11. Any News on this job?? Seems pretty quiet. Have calls been made or interviews started? Just wondering if any names have been connected to this job.
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