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  1. Redwater will be hosting a track meet on March 15, 2018- JV boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys. We are trying to keep it to 3A and under classifications. There are a couple spots left. [email protected]
  2. The spot for future football field is set, but it is not part of this bond. It won't happen for another 20 years.
  3. I heard there would be no upgrade in football field or field house. That facility is one of the oldest, run down, hole in the dirt places in Texas. Their visitors locker room is a dungeon with the hangman dressed up like Elvis. It would be sad if they can't find a little of that 31 million to put into a reputable football program. BTW Coaches believe in what works for them, if it ain't broke?
  4. Touché! Your name precede you. I am signing off from this post!
  5. I deleted my post, because I realized your tax dollars give you an opinion under a hidden nam. Fortunately you don't get to make those decisions.
  6. Mustangs and Lions were wishing they were cardinals
  7. 3A div 1 Prediction Jefferson, White Oak, Sabine, Mineola, Quitman, Grand Saline Redwater, New Boston, Hughes Springs, Winnsboro, Mount Vernon, Commerce OR possibly New Boston, Redwater, Hughes Springs, Jefferson, White Oak, Sabine Commerce, Mount Vernon, Winnsboro, Quitman, Mineola, Grand Saline
  8. One scenario nobody has mentioned - MV beats redwater, Daingerfield wins, Winnsboro wins- Daingerfield- 4-1 play loser of Sabine and Harmony Winnsboro- 3-2 winnsboro has tiebreaker with redwater and would play winner of Sabine or Harmony Redwater-3-2 rematch with WO Pland- 2-3 has tiebreaker with MV and would play Mineola MV 2-3 NB 1-4
  9. FYI there is no such thing as Zero week. It is just week one, and the season has 11 weeks.
  10. Sabine 14-7 in live half. Controlled 1-1.
  11. Sabine scored 2 in the controlled scrimmage with their 1's and 2 in the quarter. Troup's Lone score came on a deep pass on the 2's.
  12. actually it was 2-0 with the 1's in the controlled scrimmage. 14-0 in live quarter. The live quarter was to work on playing with the new 40 second play clock.
  13. straight out of uil manual "(2) Off-Season Participation. Varsity or non-varsity athletes shall not be required to participate in an off-season program on the day of an in-season competition."
  14. those are my predictions. I feel this district is up for grabs. There is no dominant team and no walk over.
  15. W is the letter that would come last in these names. That is what alphabetically means.
  16. I'll pick alphabetically, it's as good as any other pick. Harmony Jefferson Mineola Quitman Sabine White Oak unless it is Gladewater Sabine, then they are second! Go Eagles!
  17. Yeah, those SA teams are winning State Championships in HS regularly! LOL!
  18. I doubt this. There are 12 teams in Northeast Texas that will probably be broken into 2 districts of 6 - Jefferson, New Boston, Redwater, Daingerfield, Prairiland, Mt Vernon, Winnsboro, Quitman, Harmony, Mineola, White Oak, and Sabine.
  19. As an old school football fan, this offense is more of the pound it down down your throat, physical brand of football. Yes it takes discipline and is not always the big play type offense, but It is consistent and if you understand the scheme and how it works it is fun to watch. There is a reason the military academies run this style of football. It is smart and produces results when you may not have the more athletic team. if you do have great athletes, it does have big play possibilities -
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