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  1. I will take the 2021 Dawgs because I think they are going to have a record setting defense. DI should always be better due to depth, but the DII Dawgs is where I put my money in 2021 against any team in 4A.
  2. It is obvious you don’t believe half that nonsense you’re saying. The 2020 Dawg defense would cause Aledo to punt a lot. The starters gave up less than 50 points in 14 games. They played 8 teams in the top ten that averaged over forty points a game. The Dawg secondary had I believe 30 interceptions. Kip Louis at linebacker has offers from the best DI schools in the country. Lynch and Foster will have many schools looking for their services. King had 9 Interceptions and the other corner had 8. The D line were super fast off the ball and no team could run the ball on them.
  3. There was a kid on the side lines throwing before the championship game. He looked to be about 6ft 3 or 4 and maybe 190 pounds. He was throwing a really nice ball with some zip on it. I asked my friend who was he. He didn’t know. Either way, you can bet coach Surratt will have a good to great QB. If Rock gets bigger and stronger with his speed and can handle all that is required of a Dawg QB. The Dawg O will be just fine. The D is going to set records. 80 played on the D line all year and not just as a back up. He was a sophomore and will get bigger and stronger. 88, 25, 26, 28, an
  4. That is to funny. Gilmer may not score on the Dawg D next year. The Dawgs have a bunch of talented players coming on the offensive side of the ball. They won’t have score much with that defense.
  5. Can’t wait to see the 2021 Dawg defense. I can see this D holding everyone they play to one touchdown or less.
  6. Just do what your told and fight it out in court. Wonder how many were killed White or Black doing what they were told to do.
  7. It is a sad day when high school kids take a knee when so many men and women died so they could have the freedom to play a game. Nobody wants to see politics at a high school football. I am thankful to God above that kids of all color, race, and ethnicity work hard as a team to be the best they can be. High school football in Texas is the one place we come together to root for our TEAM. There is no I or me. It is us. God Bless OUR kids that work so hard and bring such joy to WE the fans.
  8. Great defense can make any team look like they don’t belong.
  9. 13 and 80 both played in every ball game on defense. 13 was hurt for 8 weeks. I guess you forgot that. 13 started and 80 played a lot when starters came out for injury or rest. I count them as first teamers.
  10. Regaleagle you have a great high school football knowledge. You have watched great football played especially Argyle football. I don’t care what any body says. I believe The 2020 Dawgs or Argyle this year could of played and beat anyone in 5A DII. The Dawgs because of of a once in a life time defense at Carthage and a scoring machine in Argyle. I watched the 5A DII game on Fox. I believe it would have been a track meet with Argyle and Aledo. with the Dawgs, it would have been a low scoring game.
  11. The Dawg defensive starters gave up 66 points in 14 ball games. That is 4.4 points a game. 8 of the teams they played were ranked in the top ten. The Dawg D is not crazy talk. You will get to see 9 of them again next year.
  12. I watched the game did you. The Dawg D would would have eat that QB’s lunch. The 2020 Dawgs would have given Aledo all they could stand. I also believe Argyle could have beat Aledo this year.
  13. The Dawg D was way better than Aledo this year. who would win this year, my money would be on two things. The Dawg D and the Dawg O line.
  14. I guess I am getting old, I was at the game to. It was 1991 and it was A&M Consolidated. They beat us 35 to 16. sorry for the brain fart.
  15. They beat Carthage in the 1990 state championship in the Astro Done.
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