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  1. According to coach Surratt, the QB has to be able to change the play at the line of scrimmage, recognize how the defense is lining up, no where everyone is supposed be lined up. Basically prove they are a coach on the field. Coach Surratt runs a sophisticated NFL pro style offense.
  2. If I remember correctly, Every team WOS played from East Texas in the state championship game beat WOS.
  3. The Dawg Offense will be ready to rock and roll. They are all finally going to be on the field and will be out to prove that they are The Dawgs. They have gone against the best defense in all of 4A for two weeks. The D has scored three TD’S in two games and look for that to continue. Going to be a great game between the two best teams in 4A DII.
  4. The Dawgs will have all starting O linemen and will run the ball. The Dawg D want have to worry about the offense putting them in poor field position. The Dawg D will do what they do, punish the QB, running backs, and receivers. I look for it to be a good game with the Dawgs winning.
  5. There will be a starter by the time district starts. It takes a lot more than throwing and running to be the QB for coach Surratt.
  6. Nobody scoring 35 much less 50 on this Dawg defense.
  7. We know the Dawg D is going to bring some major punishment. We don’t know about the Dawg offense. I believe we will see all starters on offense for the first time. Coach Surratt said in his weekly interview that the ones went against the ones this past week and they had some fierce battles. He said what he always says, we are improving and we have to get better. He said both QB’S will play against Gilmer. He said both are very talented. Going to be a good ball game.
  8. You comparing who Gilmer has played with all starters on deck versus the Dawgs and who they played without the starting offense on the field. I believe we will see the Dawgs at full strength for the first time.
  9. We will know for sure how good the Buckeyes are next Friday night.
  10. Regale Argyle will need to get a lot better on offense if they are going to repete. LBJ had no problem with LV. Argyle’s defense played a very good game tonight.
  11. I am watching Argyle versus LV on YouTube. It does not give a date but it does say live. There are no broadcasters. can anyone tell me if this is tonight’s game.
  12. Every player on the 1983 team. One player does not make a team. 83 team will never be matched. The 83 Daingerfield Tigers will be remembered as long as Texas High School Football exist.
  13. No body is talking about the Van QB. I watched some highlights on him. He is the real deal both running and throwing.
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