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  1. Regaleagle unless Argyle has major injuries, I see no one in DI beating Argyle. I know about Lampasas but Argyle has improved on the defensive side of the ball. Stay healthy and I see Argyle as the 2020 state champs.
  2. The story of the game was the Dawg D and the Dawg O line and Courtney. The Dawg O line has whipped every D line they have faced, running or passing. Courtney is the most under rated running back in the state. He never stops pounding tacklers. The Starting Dawg D has only allowed 28 points in 5 games. 16 INT,S and 11 forced fumbles in 5 ball games against five opponents ranked in the top ten. Just my homer opinion but I think the Dawg D is the best in all of 4A.
  3. You are so right. The best way to describe the Dawgs offense is PICK YOUR POSION. You stop the run, you give up the pass, you stop the pass, you give up the run. Carthage Dawgs do both equally well.
  4. Make that 16 INT’S in five ball games and 11 fumble recoveries. That my friends is one heck of a defense.
  5. Jasper is a good football team but they have no passing game. They are big and have good speed. Their defense is pretty good but but a well balanced team like the C Dawgs made it very difficult on them. The C Dawgs did not play as good tonight in my opinion as they are capable on offense. The Dawg D played great again. They are so dang fast to the ball. They now have 15 interceptions in five games. Coach S said they played a little sloppy tonight.
  6. One heck of a run by C Dawg full back. C Dawgs 35 Jasper 10
  7. C Dawgs int and run back inside the 10. 3 running plays and score. C Dawgs 28 Jasper 10
  8. C Dawgs 21 Jasper 10 7 seconds left in 1st half.
  9. Regaleagle we were inside the 10 and threw int back in the first quarter. Jasper is the real deal. They can play.
  10. C Dawgs 14 Jasper 10 C Dawgs about to receive kick off with 3 min left in first half.
  11. The C Dawgs Defense have 14 interceptions and 11 fumble recoveries in four ball games. somebody needs to check that. That is what the radio guys said tonight. I knew they had a bunch but did not know they have caused 25 turnovers in 4 games.
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