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  1. Tatum basketball isn't getting any love in the polls...Can't believe UG is ranked above them. Tatum is gonna run through that district.
  2. Gosh...this is a mess. lol. Congrats to Coach Mcfarlin, the coaching staff, and the players on a great season. Hopefully Whitehouse can find someone to follow in Mcfarlin's footsteps, because they damn sure won't be able to fill them!
  3. What if they run into Gilmer? Will they still be headed for a state championship?
  4. Adding a name to the list: Aric Sardenia-Daingerfield head coach
  5. Are there any names being thrown around for this job other the Randy McFarlin? I know of a few good coaches that would be a great fit for this job: Randy McFarlin-Whitehouse Chris Vallery-Longview Casey Pearce-Longview Jason Holman-DC @ Chapel Hill Jeff Traylor-Gilmer Kurt Traylor-Gilmer Jerrod Baugh-Gladewater (former OC at Longview) John Berry-Gladewater (former DC.asst head coach at Longview) Barry Bowman-Paris Mike Woods-Kilgore Andy Evans-Tatum Ricky Meeks-Coordinator at Henderson Dennis Alexander-Troup John Frazier-West Rusk Chizik-Former Auburn Coach Jason Garrett
  6. It doesnt say anything about them. They beat yall!
  7. Instead of criticizing Coach Sitton and his staff, try saying a prayer for him and his athletes. They've dealt with a lot this season from losing Tre Allen to Longview, to having a player collapse on the field yesterday and have emergency brain surgery last night to save his life. It is easy to sit behind a computer and bash this program when you have no clue of what's really going on. Its weird how he can take the Bulldogs to state 2 years in a row and then start out 0-1 in district and become enemy of the state. Chapel Hill does not deserve a coach like Thomas Sitton to lead their p
  8. If Tate ever gets out in the open Gladewater will be chasing all night long. If they can contain him and shut down the passing game then the Bears may have a shot at winning this game; but, from what I hear, Gladewater's corners are too little to compete in this district. Gilmer usually turns it up a notch this time of year so I really can't favor the Bears to win this one. Gilmer is probably the best team in the district right now next to Kilgore.
  9. He says Nobody in the district is impressive, but compare Gladewater opponents to the opponents of Henderson, Chapel Hill, Gilmer…Gladewater would not have a win against any of those teams that those guys have played. 3-0 means nothing in non district…
  10. Gladewater should beat Atlanta. The Bears haven't been tested yet according to their schedule. Their 1st true test will be their district opener against Gilmer.
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