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  1. They have to stop us. Can they? You can’t score if you don’t have the ball. Win or lose, we will do it with homegrown kids and coaches that combined haven’t made what Briles did in a year.
  2. He is a good dude. I got to talk defense with him in the interview. Man, he lit up when we were talking about them boys with their hands in the dirt.
  3. You can twist it and blame everyone and everybody, but Coach decided to leave. He had to do what was right for him. He knew what we were coming in. Damn good 2 years. Thank you Coach!
  4. We take up parts of 3 counties and are damn proud of our school and our community. We did all we could to keep Coach. We just dont have the revenue to pay big money for coaches.
  5. New Superintendent had nothing to do with this. Coach Abron will tell you this himself.
  6. We offered as much as we could. You want us to take money away from teachers? Football is great. Trust me I live and breath Pewitt football, but there is only so much to go around
  7. Paul Pewitt in Omaha-Naples, TX. We just played for the 3A Div II state championship in December.
  8. Living in SS arent you an Abron fan? The Pewitt vs Dfield game was fairly called. I promise yall should have got several more penalties on your outside receivers holding the cb.
  9. I am totally biased, but my take is this. EB is a very good team. They dont have blazing speed, but they are very sound. Their defense is solid. Their offense is very good. Pewitt is solid as well. We have a very good o line and some very good backs. Our qb has gotten much better as the season has gone on. Our defense swarms to the ball. This will be a hard hitting and hard fought game. Pewitt will find a way to win. There is just something special about this group.
  10. We didn't take care of the ball, there is no denying that. Lot of talk about dfield being a different team now. Pewitt has changed as well. We will show up and give it hell. That is all we can do.
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