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  1. Not really. If you can’t trust score it’s no better than not knowing.
  2. Not very reliable. They mess scores up a lot. Can’t trust what you see there.
  3. Traditional region 3 plays 4 if based on region. Wasn’t 50/50. It was based on record.
  4. We were region 3 and played region 2. We were lowest record and they were highest.
  5. Must have change since I went. Matched us up.
  6. No coin toss. Match ups at the state tournament is based on records.
  7. So unfair to one, but ok for others? Then just move on and unfair to last year, fair to everyone moving forward. So next year's seniors don't get their senior year to shine? More kids means that 2022 senior doesn't get their chance. Move on.
  8. You are basically doing the same thing to next years seniors, and if you let them stay you are doing it to the next. Why are they any different?
  9. So next years seniors need another year, and the next, then the next, and so on? Unfortunate, but have to move on.
  10. So, next years seniors will be behind 2nd year seniors? They get an extra year? And the seniors after that? Unfortunate but move on. High school shouldn't be the pinnacle of one's life.
  11. Not much beer drinking in Keene unless you bring it with you. Mainly just Adventist University and the ISD in the town.
  12. Having coached in a district with them, games are scheduled and played of Friday but it was only varsity and usually started early to be finished. Also look at the times of events scheduled on Friday. Also only Friday event in March is spring break track meet, willing to bet that is during the day. Maybe they have an influx of non 7th Day students and will be able to play on Friday in the fall. My guess would be they play on Saturday night though.
  13. Will be interesting. Do they still follow no sports after dark on Friday? Know they did 20 years ago.
  14. They had some solid baseball teams in the not too far distant. Maybe 15-20 years ago.
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