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  1. What? Lol JT is is on the same level as Longview and lufkin. This didn’t make sense.
  2. Play the freshman qb coming in if he is the best available
  3. Nothing gonna change at JT if they hire within so you might as welll keep Holmes. They hire outside of JT and let him bring in his own people.
  4. With the talent JT has coming in this season, SHOULD have them back to there old self for the next 2-3 years after this season at least. Holmes lived off coach rush’s talent for the early part of his head coaching career and when that ran out after 2014 it has not been good for him outside of 2016 and 2018. 2015, 2017,2019 were all bad years. Seems like he can only be good every other year.
  5. So what’s the high profile job in east Texas opening up soon? Any guesses lol
  6. I honestly would enjoy JT Vs Carthage as a preseason game. But I don’t think Holmes wants to possibly lose to a 4A school lol
  7. 2012 JT vs Whitehouse, AKA Pat Mahomes vs Greg Ward, nuf said. 2016 John Tyler Vs Lufkin Bi District Game 50-49 crazy game!! 2017 Lufkin Vs Longview Playoff Game, By far the best playoff game I went too of this past decade. 2018 John Tyler Vs Mesquite Poteet, Hail Mary ESPN YOU GOT MOSSED game winner was a classic too.
  8. My picks for JT would be 1. Aledo 2. Tyler Lee 3. Any Mansfield School 4. Denton Ryan 5. Carthage
  9. The temple game, is that an event game for y’all with other games there or y’all just picked that as a neutral site.
  10. Lol! They probably are, and yea I could see that being a preaseason game for JT. Holmes And Mathis worry more about looking good over getting a W. That’s why both program are in the state they are in and they blame everyone but them self. Y’all are coaches so you have control over everything in the program. So anything that’s happens falls on you.
  11. He talks like he has all these rings or something I don’t get it.... like dude you got bounced in first round simmer down. 2018 went to his head I think and he forgot what happen this year.
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