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  1. In the swan area on 69. Basically at I 20 going back into tyler
  2. Hey all Texas high and Tyler fans if y’all want food before the game the fair has fair food out at visitor parking lot area at the stadium today from 11-8pm get some good food before the game!! @[email protected]
  3. Are they live streaming the JV and freshman game? Or is the only for home games
  4. No we have played them the last 2 years and won the last two hopefully we can do the same Thursday
  5. Computers probably giving y’all the edge because of pedigree
  6. Tyler Legacy is a 6 point under dog according to the computers
  7. I’m at the point if you start canceling district games then just cancel the season, cause that’s gonna be too much. Then also if they go off the games already played for district then I guess you would have to play in games for seeding? If things get messed up
  8. Yes definitely the next couple of year should be back to the old ways but just gotta get through this year lol
  9. Wow the computers have Tyler high as a 5 point favorite
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