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  1. wait till they find out they have to sit on the same side as longview fans lol!!
  2. 7-5A D1 second toughest in the state for 5A-D1
  3. Lancaster will choke as always, there whole offense went thru one player last year and he is gone so I don’t understand there ranking so someone enlighten me. Also They can’t get past the discipline/ Mental barrier. They just a good regular season team in a bad district most of the time.
  4. With Ford JT would’ve been a district title contender now we lucky enough to be 4th
  5. Nah man you could just see football wasn’t there for him.
  6. Hell he need to be changed before game 1 or it’s gonna be another 3-8 season lol.
  7. After watching the KETK special look who is the front runner for QB... looks like another long year for JT boys lol.
  8. https://247sports.com/college/texas-am/LongFormArticle/texas-high-school-football-recruiting-Reuben-Owens-Anthony-Hill-Braxton-Myers-147584248/ John Tyler’s Montrell Wade and Longviews Jalen Hale on the list
  9. Definitely should have won in 2010. That one hurts more than 2012 because 2010 had a defense and offense.
  10. Really lol. I was typing fast on my phone give me a break lol.
  11. Also from 2009-2014 JT was in the Regional Championship or higher 5 of the 6 years. From 2009-2019 JT was apart of the 4A-5A region 2 chip 5 out 10 years with 1 09 in 6A the old 5A. So 6 regional appearances in 10 years is not bad. 3 of the 6 were semifinal appearances.
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