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  1. His other 3 tds came from the shovel pass so even though it’s a run some consider it a pass.
  2. Probably a typo because before the horn game he had six TD’s. Then he got two in the horn game so 8. The picture below was before the horn game.
  3. I’m interested in seeing if the UIL will keep HP in our district or send them back the Dallas schools?
  4. After a mostly quiet summer Tyler WR Montrell Wade picks up a SEC offer from Vanderbilt
  5. Quick note, Tyler’s Villela already has 50 tackles on the season! He is on pace at this rate have a 100 tackles by the end of the season. Probably one of the best LB in the district by far.
  6. Exactly last years tyler team was the worst tyler team since 2007 and north struggled to the end to beat that team. And too think they will beat us with a better qb and more skill players, I just don’t see it. Not saying it can’t happen. But it’s not bad to stay tyler would win convincingly.
  7. True, outside of the coaching mishaps this is the best Tyler team since 2018.
  8. This is true and trust me Tyler shouldn’t definitely overlook any team, but this is also not the same Tyler team of the last two times, simply because they now have a QB, last year it took north everything they had to beat a Tyler team that was probably one of the worst Tyler teams in school history, also considering that the QB was probably the worst QB we ever had in school history also running the offense and the game was still close. So to think that Tyler has a Better chance this time around with more weapons, and a actual QB now, is not far fetched. But like you said it comes down to coa
  9. Looks like north will try to run the ball a lot with RB last week has 208 rushing so I expect a lot of zone reads
  10. The computer has Tyler as a 18 point favorite. So this one shouldn’t be close
  11. I haven't seen a whitehouse fan since 2015 lmao. Biggest bandwagon fan base in east Texas
  12. Thats a case of classic Tyler High for you lol
  13. Tyler in coming riding a two game win streak against a north team that looking for there first win since week one. Don’t really know much about north, so maybe some north fans could chime in, but on paper Tyler should be the favorite, but Holmes hasn’t beat north the last two seasons so I’m pretty sure this is a big game for him but also it would boost a lot of confidence for a team that struggled last night against horn. Give me Tyler by 21 until I know more about north.
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