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  1. So we basically have to win out or win against Sherman and Sherman loses to west
  2. But based on the newspaper the Longview Sherman game will be counted at the end of the season so wouldn’t that make Sherman 2-4 if they lose to west and us and y’all ? Since they would lose on points and head to head against y’all.
  3. Sherman could really then self up if they lose to west which is possible best west defense is pretty good, but the offense is bad
  4. Potentially Longview would win the head to head and points over Sherman if Tyler beats Sherman and Tyler loses to Longview? Which would help Tyler get the 4th spot if they beat Sherman? Correct me if I’m wrong. Help me @LoboFan07lol you genius when it comes to this @ANTI
  5. The Longview Sherman game will be factored at the end of the season.
  6. But the Sherman Longview game will go off of points at the end of the season for win/loss
  7. Yikes wish that was the case Friday lol
  8. 2015 still made the playoffs to the second round and lost to the eventual state runner up still a 7 win team. 17 was a build up to 18. They only people that didn’t know they would be good in 18 were non JT fans we already knew they were gonna be good.
  9. I will be shocked if we win by 11. And that’s sad that we can’t win a game by 2 scores. Just 2 lol
  10. Tyler high for the last decade has been in the state championship conversation every year except for 2019 and this season. They just had a 4th round appearance in 2018 lol.
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