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  1. Yes but gotta move on if the highest his coaching can get you is just winning games. You won’t go any higher then.
  2. That’s my point aledo has 9!! Quality coaches win you 9 and a few great players but you gotta have both.
  3. I don’t think it’s exhausting imo but if that’s not your expectation every year, then I guess that leads us to why none of us besides Longview will win another one. Simply because we don’t set the bar high enough, we are ok with being average. I would think you would want more out of your program.
  4. I agree with you but even with all that in play, the notion will still be, yea will he won a lot of games but he could never win the one that matters. Same reason why peop like Deion Sanders said it needs to be harder to get in the HOF because dudes that padded their stat sheet, etc ,but didn’t win a chip are being put in the same light as players that had the stats but WON THE CHIP.
  5. I mean we hold nfl and nba teams accountable for not winning chips, we also hold it against colleges for not winning chips. So what’s the difference?
  6. Championships matter to me. Anybody can win games, not everyone can win chips. You gotta be great to do that. Holmes ain’t it.
  7. Phil Danaher has won has all those games in his career but still haven’t won a chip. So what good is it to win all those games if you can’t win the one that matters?
  8. All that winning hasn’t brought a chip, look at calallen, they coach has won all those games and still ain’t won the chip, What good does it then? I ain’t saying Holmes is terrible but he hasn’t shown he great enough to win the chip, but he shown he can win games.
  9. Wasn’t a good coach to begin with, the quality of coaches at JT in football and basketball are subpar and wasting talent.
  10. Majority of guys there have been there before Holmes was coaching some left with rush for more pay and then came back after it didn’t work out.
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