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  1. https://247sports.com/college/texas-am/LongFormArticle/texas-high-school-football-recruiting-Reuben-Owens-Anthony-Hill-Braxton-Myers-147584248/ John Tyler’s Montrell Wade and Longviews Jalen Hale on the list
  2. Definitely should have won in 2010. That one hurts more than 2012 because 2010 had a defense and offense.
  3. Really lol. I was typing fast on my phone give me a break lol.
  4. Also from 2009-2014 JT was in the Regional Championship or higher 5 of the 6 years. From 2009-2019 JT was apart of the 4A-5A region 2 chip 5 out 10 years with 1 09 in 6A the old 5A. So 6 regional appearances in 10 years is not bad. 3 of the 6 were semifinal appearances.
  5. 2010 Would be one. It had one of the top defenses in the state. David bush The TCU signee at QB. You also had one of the top safeties in the country with Hackett who went to TCU also. 2012 was just as good as the 2000 JT has never had an offense in program history like that team. I think it was about 5-6 players that went D1 just on offense alone. 3 starting receivers signed D1. 2014 had a talented team also that had the 5A D1 player of the year at QB. 2009 had Jeremy Johnson and Ricky Collins which had one of the best 1-2 punches in the state and two really good runningbacks. Also one the top teams in the state at the highest classification for the whole season.
  6. Team was not mentally ready no discipline and it caught up to them once aledo came. But the talent was there to win
  7. Yes good times! Should’ve had at least 2 chips during that time. 2012 that JT team as a whole was better than Denton Guyer. 2009 was the other year JT had no business not getting to state that year either. Top 5 team in 5A which is the new 6A now. Beat a highly ranked desoto team to share district. Made it to quarterfinals to only lose to a Klein team that wasn’t even on the same level as us. That JT had Johnson at qb a two headed monster at runningback with black and chancellor and Collins at recevier!
  8. For me top 5 teams that’s should’ve won for JT 1. 2012 2. 2010 3. 2018 4. 2009 5. 2014 honorable mention* 2011
  9. Well we might have a good one if he can throw
  10. Well we made “STATE” runs in previous years so that’s what I mean, not literally saying going to state lol. Come on lol.
  11. I know!! I pray to god that we get one this season cause 21’ will most likely be a state championship run. Then the QB will already be ready for the run.
  12. Anything 4th round or higher. 3rd round or lower is a disappointment imo
  13. True. Anything less than a DEEP playoff run for LV, LUFKIN, MARSHALL, and a SELECT few JT fans is disappointing.
  14. To tell you truth some JT fans are ok with being mediocre. Hinge why Holmes is still the coach.. Hince why we will barley make the playoffs again smh.
  15. Hope it happens for JT. Gotta find a QB
  16. Your saying it like as if we didn’t go toe to toe with the state champion when we played . But to each it’s own.
  17. Yes but gotta move on if the highest his coaching can get you is just winning games. You won’t go any higher then.
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