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  1. This Coach Carright that keeps talking on here is not an ex-coach. It’s someone trying to stir up ####. Not going to give this anymore life. It’s been reported.
  2. I can assure you that this person on here is just trying to make people mad. All of the coaches that have left Sabine hope for nothing but the best for these boys and girls. The coaches that have moved on are happy at their new schools and their kids are happy. Good luck Cardinals. Beat Spring Hill!!!!!!
  3. Nobody puts co champs on a trophy. I know ours says District Champs
  4. My Prediction Atlanta, Gladewater, Sabine, White Oak, Jefferson, Tatum, New Boston Mineola, Winnboro, Mt Vernon, Commerce, Rains
  5. My Opinion Atlanta, GW, Sabine, White Oak, Tatum, Jefferson, New Boston Mineola, Winnsboro, Mt Vernon, Commerce, Rains
  6. This game should have been way worse than 6 points.
  7. Well Winnsboro did beat the #1 seed for D7. That was the toughest district in 3A Div 1. They swept District 8.........Oh wait.....They almost got swept........ Was that too soon.
  8. It'd be fun if our fans don't threaten to tear down the goal post and give them all kinds of bulletin board material.
  9. I never thought Gladewater was overrated, but after watching the Winnsboro game, I was scratching my head. Gladewater moved personel around, and now I think they have the right mix to go deep in the playoffs. Time will tell.
  10. Gladewater has moved some personel around and that has completely changed this team. They have gone from a ground and pound to a ground and gun. D J Allen could possibly be the best athlete in our district. They will be much better than the GW team that lost to Atlanta and Mineola.
  11. If that's the WR, I am hearing yes
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