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  1. Wow. That’s a helluva game. Both those schools will play anywhere anytime. I like that. I like both of those programs. 2 of my favorite programs in the state.
  2. The Carthage Kilgore rivalry isn’t lopsided, even in the Surratt era. Surratt is 6-3 against the K-Dogs. Almost all the games have been close, except on this current run from 2017-2019 where Carthage is 3-0 and outscored Kilgore 147-54. And before Surratt arrived Kilgore had dominated Carthage for a long time.
  3. Carthage 2016 Silsbee, North Forest, Henderson, Stafford, China Spring, Abilene Wylie. Carthage finished 3rd in district. Was up and down all season. Then went on a ride like Carthage has never seen. Underdogs prolly 4 out of 6 games. Silsbee had Carthage beat in the 1st round. Only stopped Calvin Tyler once, and that was on Silsbee’s last drive. Carthage was trailing 30-28. They were down on the goal line and Carthage held them out of the end zone. And then did what Carthage does with less than 2 minutes left. Never forget that catch Dewaylon Ingram made in the end zone. Calvin Tyler rushed for 375 yards in that game. Really, never should’ve got out of the 1st round. Henderson loaded (best team in the state that year). Beat them by 2. Stafford really loaded. Beat them by 1. Probably the best team China Spring ever had. Beat them in 3OT. Abilene Wylie had beaten the favorite Argyle earlier in the playoffs. Got down 14-0 early in that game. That team was all heart. Then basically the same team with a new QB came back in 2017. Nobody really had a chance a year later, but those boys learned how to win in 2016.
  4. Region 4 went from ok, to the toughest region real quick.
  5. Watch for one of the new D1 teams to make a lot of noise. Calallen, Calhoun, or Miller. Usually teams dropping from the higher class make a lot of noise their 1st couple years. Kilgore, Henderson, Stephenville, and El Campo all had a ton of success in the 1st couple of years. Wouldn’t be surprised if Phil Danaher gets his 1st state championship next year. La Vega is always going to be there as long as Don Hyde is the coach, and they have those athletes. Argyle and Lampasas should be good. Pretty heavy at the top of D1 this year. Should be a fun season to follow. La Vega vs Calallen at Jerry World would be my pick.
  6. Does DF have a good TE? TE is important in Surratt’s offense, and Carthage always has a good one. Actually run a lot of 12 and 21 personnel with 2 TE or a TE and a FB. Run a lot of max protection stuff in the passing game from these sets, and obviously those sets are when Carthage is most successful running the ball. They run their fair share of shotgun with 4 or 5 guys lined out wide, but another big part of the offense is under center in 12 or 21 personnel. A couple of TE and a FB are going to be key. Coach Horsely being a RB coach, I’m sure he is going to want to run the ball. I think they will do it from under center.
  7. I agree. I wouldn’t expect him to be able to install the full Carthage offense. Seems like it takes Surratt 10 weeks to get the offense fully installed. And the kids in Carthage are learning from a young age. I would expect Coach Horsely to take the part of the offense he knows the best and install a little bit at a time. But I would guess he will run multiple formations, just not to the same extent as Carthage. But I also think it depends on what the HC wants to do. How much he will let his OC control. I’m very interested to see. I will be following the Tigers closely.
  8. Yes, saw he announced on his Twitter. I think he will do a great job. He can get buy in from kids and get their respect.
  9. You are 100% correct. But both schools have paid their coach very well, and the administration has stayed out of the way. Atleast that’s the case in Carthage.
  10. Gilmer had a hell of a run from 2004 to 2016. About the same as Longview, but with a couple more titles. But Longview playing most of that time at the highest level definitely plays a part. If Longview had spent more time in he new 5a (old 4a) I think you would see for sure a couple more titles. But like I said in another post. When you talk about Carthage, Gilmer, and Longview; you talk about 3 HOF coaches. It all comes down to who has the right guy at the right time.
  11. Kilgore has always had the athletes. And was known for having a lot of success under Mike Vallery. He dominated Carthage, haha. Think if he was the HC at Kilgore playing in the new 4a. All of his success was at the 2nd highest level in the old 4a. Even had a 16-0 season in 2004, which was extremely difficult at the time.
  12. It all depends on the coach. When it comes down to it there are a lot of programs in East Texas that have the players to be dominant every year. Especially once you start winning and kids start to move in. So I would say whoever hires the next Scott Surratt, Jeff Traylor, or John King will be the next East Texas school to be dominant. A lot of times it’s pure luck in the coaching hires. You just never really know. Look at Scott Surratt. There are a lot of coaches who came from those THS Barry Norton teams. Only Surratt has been a dominant HC. Same with Traylor. There were a lot of guys hired from those Danny Long Jacksonville teams. But JT turned out to be the guy. So it takes a little bit of luck to hire the right guy at the right time.
  13. Not unless they find the next SS.
  14. Hopefully Surratt will groom his successor before he leaves, so Carthage can keep being Carthage (or a little lesser version) after he is gone. I think he has about 6 more years in Carthage. He has said many times he would like to give college football a chance after his son graduates. I would love to see what his offense could do at the college level. That would be fun to see.
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