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  1. You could be right. We should know a lot more about Carthage after this week. No doubt they are a very good team, but how good is yet to be determined. I really don’t know. Nothing would surprise me. I could see a Gilmer win and I could also see Carthage dominating. We will see in a couple days.
  2. 24-21 Too close to predict a winner. Carthage has a very good kicker. Maybe the Dawgs win on a last second FG?
  3. Looking back on MaxPreps at Carthage following a bye week, Surratt is 11-3 following a bye. Win percentage of 0.785% which is just a little under his overall win percentage of 0.865% (obviously with a much smaller sample size). So obviously giving a great coach like Surratt extra time to prepare for a game is gonna help, but it doesn’t mean it’s automatic. BTW, some Kilgore superfan has gone on MaxPreps and changed every game Kilgore and Carthage have played to a Kilgore win. So now basically the only thing you could rely on MaxPreps for is not even accurate. This must’ve been done pretty
  4. Gilmer would love to be the team that ends Carthage 32 game win streak. Carthage really needs to get the run game going in this one to be able to help shorten the game and help out the D. Carthage can definitely get some stops but you can’t expect the Carthage D to completely shut down Gilmer’s offense.
  5. Didn’t even realize this was the Carthage/Gilmer thread. Sorry. Back on topic.
  6. Argyle has a been much better than WO-S over the last 10-15 years. Just an example of where WO-S ranks when having these kind of discussions.
  7. Bad thing about it is that WO-S has an excellent history. Probably one of the top 50 programs in the state. But when you get on here spouting off this nonsense it makes them look bad, especially if you are trying to compare them to Carthage the last 10-15 years. There is no comparison.
  8. You are not being serious. Please stop.
  9. Don’t worry about having to hear about it because Carthage won’t get a chance to play WOS this year. They will get thumped by China Spring before a potential matchup with the Dawgs just like last year.
  10. Prolly the most common sense post on here so far that has given a score prediction. Would be pretty surprised if either team hits 30. Carthage will have a chance to show how special their D is in this game. Let’s see if they are as good as some of us think they are. Still say this is gonna be a good game.
  11. I’m wondering how some people know what Carthage is or isn’t this year? Carthage hasn’t played anybody that would give people any idea about how they will fare against 4a DII competition. Crosby has looked pretty good since their loss to Carthage. We will know more about where Cornerstone Christian is after this week when they play LBJ.
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