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  1. Yep. We have a couple that their mom’s are employed at CISD. Nick Stewart’s (senior FB) mom is the Head VB coach. They came from Spring Hill too.
  2. I watched Mineola vs MV and Trevion Snead looked awesome. He looks like a grown man out there.
  3. No offers yet, but they will come. Kip has size and speed. And I doubt he is done growing yet. Already one of the top players in this area but I think after this season and going into his senior season he will be recognized as one of the top defenders in the state. Keaontay’s offers really started rolling in at the end of his junior season. I have a feeling Kip will be the same. The Carthage staff believe Kip and Montrel Hatten are the next DI P5 recruits to come out of Carthage. Here is an article talking about Montrel getting his 1st offer and it mentions Kip. https://w
  4. Things are starting to become pretty clear for playoff matchups. Looks like Carthage will play Gatesville in the 1st round. Then probably Silsbee in the 2nd round. Silsbee just can’t catch a break when it comes to playing Carthage in the playoffs. Have played them 5 times in the playoffs since 2012 and Carthage is 5-0 in those games. 3rd round game looks like either Salado or Bellville. Not too familiar with either. Then looks like in the 4th round Carthage would play WOS or Jasper unless something crazy happens.
  5. I guess he has not paid close attention. He has hammered defenses the past 2 years.
  6. This is an obvious statement but just want to say it out loud. Mason Courtney is really good. He is fun to watch. He pounds defenses. Finishes every run. I can’t really see one weakness in his game.
  7. Was pretty close on my prediction. Jasper is a pretty good football team. Looks like if Jasper gets 2nd in D10 and WOS wins D11 they will play in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I think the winner of that game will play Carthage in the Region 3 Final (Quarterfinal). Interested to see the outcome of the WOS and Jasper game (unless something crazy happens). I think it’s pretty clear the top 3 teams in R3 are Carthage, WOS, and Jasper with Carthage being pretty far ahead of the other 2.
  8. He looked like Earl Campbell in that game in 13’.
  9. I think they are probably better than Center but a little worse than PG. They have a big OL and a QB that can scramble and make plays with his arm a few times a game. I think that’s probably what gives them a few more scores than PG. There defense isn’t great, but not that bad. But I agree with you. I think a 3 score game and that’s being pretty generous to Jasper. I predicted 42-21, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more like 49-14. Tough to predict 5 TD blowouts every game, even if that’s how you feel .
  10. How is Daingerfield’s offense coming along? Should be starting to execute at a higher level 6 weeks in. This is usually about the time all the kinks start getting worked out. Usually by about week 10 it gets really fun to watch. I’m assuming it’s similar to Carthage pro-multiple offense. Haven’t had a chance to see the Tigers yet this year.
  11. Jasper has played Carthage pretty tough the last 2 times they have met as district opponents. In 2012 Carthage won 49-31 and in 2013 Carthage won 41-26. I expect this to be a closer game then some predict. They are 5-0 and have beaten everybody they’ve played soundly. I’m expecting a 42-21 type of game. If Carthage blows Jasper out, I’m not sure who will give them a good game this season.
  12. Longview D is fun to watch. Like I said last night they are FAST and they are physical. I love that teams are streaming games this year. We all get to enjoy teams that we don’t normally get to see.
  13. Longview is good. They are fun to watch. They have some studs. Defense is FAST!
  14. He looks elite. Only a sophomore, wow. Carthage has a sophomore Montrel Hatten that also plays WR. I’m pretty sure Hale and Hatten play on the same AAU basketball team. TJ Ford’s team. Hatten is gonna be special too. Not on the same level as Hale yet.
  15. Hope the QB for Legacy is ok. My goodness. He might be done for the night.
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